Thursday, July 17, 2008

An enjoyable day!!

Today as usual is suppose to be a great day and today was especially great!!Had our very very very duper super 1st presentation in my/our tertiary education and i will forever and ever remember this very 1st time's memory and the fun-nest that we had.
I went 1st for today's presentation and was real and kind of glad and felt that i did a great job(we all did a great job!congratz!)

Me!!This was after my turn to do the presentation and this was taken by Zhe Han without me realizing it and he say i act cool!!What the~~xp I was concentrating with Amelia's presentation la~

This picture was taken by me right after my turn and this guy in front intended to stick out his massive 39 inch(not sure) breast!!Huahaha~but it did not turn out nicely and took a normal picture of him with a guy who was "concentrating"!!Ha ha ha ha~xD

This was also captured by me when Ame is doing her part!!She looks like she is peeping into something but actually she is trying to memorize the thing from the paper but kind of not there and then she need to peep back at the lappie to double confirm!And that stupid Zhe Han say that she look like a ghost!!Huahahaha~~And by the way,Ame is hot today because her outfit really showed her body and she does look like an executive(a hot wan!!xp)

As for this guy, i do not know whether he is trying to act cool or he is just plain scare today partly because he is suppose to go last.And this guy really kena-ed from me and Ame today in which the details shall not be disclosed and it is enough that a few of us know~By the way,at 1st,he gave me an impression of post man and on the 2nd thought,he looks like a salesman!Huahaha~More of salesman la due to his spectacles and the lappie bag that he was carrying!Kesian nya~~

Gay guy presenting and i took his picture again but was not camwhored nicely(not due to skills!!)due to the lightings in that room.And this guy was stammering di-di-di-di-di-di~~when i came back in to the room because he forgot a single word and we are not suppose to used English but he blurted it out in English anyway and was helped by teacher!Hua ha ha ha~~But before that he was doing this!!

What the!!Tried to act cute but that was only a good try!!xp

At last,me and Ame took a picture together gether~ha ha ha~Ame looks like she is forced to take picture with me!!T.T But i really had a great day today!!Lurve-ing it~And this coming picture is rated the super-es duper-es picture ever la~~

This is the beat!!!I was actually trying to take a picture of the entire class "concentrating"on our presentation today and i ter-capture this Miss Oh-I-Will-Help-You-But-I-Did-Not-Help-Cuz-I-Am-Too-Goodie Goodie-To-Cheat yawning away!!!What the~~How dare this mother cow yawn while my group is presenting!I am really really looking forward to how she is going to dress up and most importantly to cover up her BIG FAT ASS when it is her group's turn to present!!How dare she say"Wow,all black for your 1st presentation a??!!"I mean~What was that suppose to mean??Huh??Miss I-Think-I-Have-The-Best-Body-Ever/Miss I-Am-Super duper-Good-In-Fashion!!HISH~~My business is really non-of her business lur~

And that picture was edited by Zhe Han and that was a great in editing that!!I really love that picture but not her~Huah hahahaha~
I really enjoyed myself today and am hoping to do another presentation as cool and as fun as this!
PS:Teacher did not take our attendance today rite??What the~

Jesus love you and i love you too.


VivianNg said...

congrats to u all.
Wow. u guys all dress so smart weh.
Especially u, so cool. =D

ViCkY@Victoria said...

manada!!they nicknamed me black gurl!!what the!!

VivianNg said...

who name u black girl oh? ur skin also not black..oni the outfit black mah. dun care them. haha

ViCkY@Victoria said...

haha~that is amwlia lo.the one that u saw a few times at the library and the one that is awiz with me too!hahaah~i dun care wan la cuz i mmg lk black!!haha

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