Sunday, July 6, 2008

I Hate It Today!

Urrrgghh~today was such an unhappy day for me and it start as early as the moment i woke up this 7a.m this morning!!Was suppose to go to church like always and what we should be doing every Sunday morning and seriously~i hate missing or skipping church!Thatz like my 1st must not do thing and that is to skip Sunday service!
Ok~this was how it happen~i woke up at 7 this morning and was half way preparing myself to go church when suddenly the phone rang and i know that this call is from my aunty whom always follow us to church every Sunday.Didn't bother to "overheard" the conversation and just carry on packing my stuffs.Then when i heard my mum put down the receiver,she said"Ger~dun bother~we are not going to church this morning." I was like"whadda!!dun't you know that i hate and dislike most punya thing is to skip church!!and what is the lame reason now that we are not going to church!!" I was obviously freaking angry and my mu m answered me with the lamest reason of all,she said"dun't you know there will be a riot at kelana jaya??so i do not want to go out and later aren't able to come back sound and safely!" I was so dumbfounded by her reply and sulkingly and without a word went back to sleep and sleep and sleep till it was 10 a.m.And i did not even accompany her to go buy her stuffs!I was like whadda heck!!Thx for ruining my day,Mum~
I am and still very angry with her(my mum)and my aunty's little faith in our Father!Didn't he say before that if we lay all things and all our worries before Him and have faith that He will pull us through,we will be safe in His hands,His Almighty Hands~Didn't he quote before that even the feathers of the birds He takes care,what more us~US~His child!!Didn't He promised that He will lead us through it all like what we always sing the praise song"Through It All"
Obviously~i am much much more angry with the devil himself who succeed in "persuading"my mum and aunt to stay at home and miss church with the lamest reason that is called "RIOT"!When i give it a thought again and to think that i had missed church for some reason that actually we have pulled through before~really agitates me and i feel like slapping my mum and aunt and obviously the devil(i won't forget your part,dun't worry!!)
What lil' faith my mum and aunt own!!
haiz~really really REALLY disappointed with how they reacted towards the small and safe riot!!
Well,to the thought of it~we went to church too last time when the Indians were rioting and nothing even happen to us even though we passed by the riot place!!Then might as well she tell me not to go to school till everything is settle!!Anyhow,my school is nearby the church also what!!
WHATEVER LA~They really 'make"my day!!Thankz~thankx alot*sarcasm*


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