Saturday, July 19, 2008

Everything's Gonna Be Alright~

Went to work today and it is the last day for this week!Was really happy at the thought of it but yet today is the happiest day ever in my last 4 days of working with Energie Eyecare.I was not happy because i manage to sell anything today,i did not sold anything also la by the way.Lol~But it is because.....Oh well~i don't know!!I am just gay today,for no reason!!Sounds crazy but yea~~Ha ha~
Went for an early lunch today with Suzzane which is a Bio-Essence promoter and she is a realy sweetie and i am glad that i had befriended her!!Lol~Also got to know that Mustapa a.k.a Mus got a warning today and is due to leave in 1 week time!!What the!!And for the reason for talking to a promoter and the Watson had this lamest rule i have ever heard before!!And that is the Watson's own workers aren't allow to talk to other brand's promoter!!What the~so lame right??Hish~that poor guy and it was so fun having him there which make working there more cheerful and less of a bored.But now that he will bw gone next week,things are sure gonna have a drastic change!!Haiz~He was so down today and wasn't in his super duper cheerful manner!Nevertheless he still try to kacau us around and try to make our day and time working there worth every minute!!And he is a very hardworking man and Watson is really a fool to kick him out for some lame reason that would not hurt even a tiny ant.Anyway,it is very nice to have him as a friend!That's another sweetie!
Everything went well for me today and got to know a true story that happened at Sungai Wang's 4th floor not long ago,early this year.There has been a death involving a crystal seller lady that apparently sat at the rail and was on the phone and it seems that she slipped and fell right onto the escalator,fall flat,and die instantly there!!What a creep~Beware~readers that always go there to not talk big while walking past there!!
Yeah~~not going to go to work tomorrow because i am having a test this coming monday and planned to earn less bucks and buck up more on studies(last minute samo~hope it works!!).If not then i am as good as a dead meat!!T.T
Thatz all for today!!Real happy that i am able to go church tomorrow and there invited Juwita Suwito to Nexgen tomorrow and i don't know how the hell they did that and what is the purpose but i hope i will enjoy it as Juwita has been well-known for her powderfull(it is powerfull~just using my new vocab!!)voice!!Lolz~~Hope to get some freebies and to see some hansamu la~~Hahaha~~

Jesus love you and i love you too.


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