Monday, July 7, 2008

I Am Back To Me,Mu'ah and Myself

I am back to the jovial me again after a major breakdown yesterday!Was back to normal again when all the hectic-ness and all those unfinished homework and coursework hits me back right in my face the moment i woke up this morning!Wuahaha~so pitiful right?Wake up only then i am reminded of my unattended works~Well~can't be blame though because this is how college life SHOULD be and i have always been dreaming of this moment since i was in secondary school~(i meant to be in college xp)
As usual was really really depressed when i have to face the wonderfully made train station every morning before reaching school and i shall not explain any further about how long i waited and what happen to me while in the train as you all might be afraid to use public transport and when the government knows bout this~i am sooo~dead!!(just joking la).Nothing really that special happen today.
Attended BITA tutorial class and was shocked by Choo Pin when he said that he was going to go to the/a girl's house that they barely even know each other and wanted to take a rest there(take a rest means sleep~!)Oh My Gawd~Whadda~to the thought of it~WHATEVER~!!Huahahaha*evilness*
Then as usual,the rajin-ness of us lead us to 2 BITA lecture class,in which we interrogate other people's lecture and was curi-ing what their teacher teaching and another class was our very own class that we dun't pay attention too~Wuahaha~*cheekyness*They we were like chating and joking all the way through out her wonderful lecture and this teacher has a special habit of asking people question whenever she is done lecturing and 2 of my poor friend(ZHE HAN & CHOO PIN)were selected by her among few hundreds because one is doing his gay pose(zhehan)through out the whole lecture and the other was courting with THE girl(choo pin) and was caught red-handed by the teacher!!Wuahahaha~Lolz~
When the class is over,this Choo Pin,out of the blue said that he want to treat us and we chose Bubble Ice Tea and those that over heard was treat by him too and i think it cost him all well around rm12,oh well~he is rich~RICH IN LOVE~~So maybe that is why he was such in a good mood to treat us~Hm~need to take into consideration of his sudden change of wind!!Ha ha~Anyway, thanks for that,it really cooled me off during this hot like i-am-in-the-oven day!!
Later went home by lrt and monorel and yeah~~the most important of all~my legs hurts like shit today!!!Urggh~and all this is because of the new shoes that i bought yesterday and i am having a feet-ache now~Haiz~
Read something from the Bible today and it really inspired me to always keep moving on like a blind man(us,Child of God)relying entirely to his blindman's stick(God,our Father,our Jehovah Jireh,our Emmanuel)when we are faced with troubles,difficulties,obstacles,disappointment,a no way out(to our world thoughts).He will and would always lead us through safe and sound if and only if we are willing to be lead and in some ways to be taught by Him~If and only if we are not hot-headed,easy to be mold,light in our ears and mouth and all that we act,surely He will have special favors on those of that characters.So,let God lead us and not us being lead by the worldly agendas that never ever stop from trying to draw believers away from Him.So have strong faith in Him and always turn to Him and nobody else because no one is worthy and mighty enough to help us through except for HIM,our EMMANUEL!

Jesus loves you and i love you too~


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