Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Freaky Tuesday

Ok~what happened yesterday was a blur~One minute we are in the light and in the blink of an eye we are in darkness!*sob*To cut the story short,i was a dummy yesterday because:
-wasted my money traveling there
-wasted my precious time to study and lie at house
-wasted my energy walking in/being in Sg.Wang(4 days straight)
-mostly importantly,i missed classes that i am really really freaking weak in it!!*T.T*
Ok~enough of yesterday as it was to hard to bear or even to think about it and i cried!First time in this 2008 and because of stress,i flow out my tears!!Darn it!!Ok~let's talk about today!*smiles*
What happened today was really out of control and the thing is that they had problems with the LRTSS~Please mind the SSss~i was stuck at Damai(i freaky don't know where the hell i was la~~)and was really scared to shit la and i was having 8a.m class which makes my heart to beat twice as fast as i hate being late and during that time it was 7.30++(around that time la).I waited for almost 15 to 20 minutes till the next train arrived and seriously i have never been so much happier to see the sight of the train(as i dread to school).And at this time i was thinking this"Ok,not that bad,i will only be late for 15 minutes or so and Miss Wong is ok with it."And i met up with one of my classmates and was dicussing about the delayments~and not even 10 minutes on that train,we were again asked to get off and to take another alternative as the/those trains are only able to transport us till Setiawangsa station.FYI:That is still very far from our college and to make it worse we don't know where we were as we are not form that area.We had no other choice than to take the taxi.So,me,Kok and her friend waited and waited and waited for that and was joking through out all the waiting moments and we did not take any picture of the whole TARC-IANSS being there as we are to busy fooling around and that is for a reason.That is:
-we are definitely late so we dun care anymore.
-i met up with friends and bincang to wait for another friend to come down and fetch us to TARC.
-we were really superstitious about being in the bad luck season as yesterday we had a major black at school and today a major problem with Malaysia's products!!
And suddenly this unknown guy came and ask Kok(as i was on the fone)whether are we willing to share the taxi fare(if we are gonna get one)to get to school.Seriously we do mind because,come on la man,we hardly know you and not even your name and hardly ever see your face at college also and by the way,we had 2 other friends including the 3 of us and it would really not fit if we were to take the taxi.By the bottom line is,i called MY FRIEND to fetch and his car will only fit the 5 of us and not the 6 of us!! And earlier on there was a bus that supposingly will reach college la,i don't know where i am mur~and me and Kok was like indirectly telling him to take a hike on his own with that bus lur~As a know-how-to-do-person,GO TAKE YOUR OWN HIKE LA!!But NO!!He just stand there like a dumb and EXPECT us to give him a ride!Well he got it at last and we were squeeze like anything and i would say that even the sardines will laugh at us and say"Ha ha ha~~u humans are much worser than us sardines,at least we stii have our own space till we are eaten by you human,but look at you,there is someone sitting on your lap!!*giggles*"
I really can almost hear what those sardines will say if "they" ever see humans in this condition!!Lolz~Oh~i am such a Drama Queen!!*giggle*Cut everything short but nevertheless i want to thank alot to Wilson for being such a caring friend to take the effort and risk to go to a place that he does not even know just to fetch us back!!Lolz~*touched*=)
I WAS late and had to tell half the story to Miss Wong and luckily she understand and marked our attendance too~Thank You Miss Wong!!
I was also very very the pissed off my one of my friend and this is the 1st time i was so freakingly pissed off in the year 2008!!I think this is not my year!!He was a darn show off guy who actually have the brains of an Einstein but he is darn lazy to used it wisely and to use it for reasons that will improved his self image.Instead he acted like a total idiot today(as usual)when we ask favours from him particularly on studies lur~Then instead of teaching nicely,he was using foul languages of all kinds and was making us freaking blur~And i really Beh Ta Han and i gave him a piece of my mine that i actually wanted to donate to him a long time ago!What a friend la~Hish~~
Like i say this isn't the year for me!I kept meeting siow peoples,getting into lots of troubles,lazy-ness conquering,stupid-ness increasing,and total output decreasing!!Lolz~Too much Microeconomics and this is what happens!!*chuckles*
By the way, i am all done with my Microeconomics coursework and i have done my best and i leave everything in the hands of God now to soften the heart of the examiners while marking our paper and let me get full marks for my coursework!!LoLz~Tomorrow is kinda of a stress free day and i hope no one's gonna irritate me again tomorrow!!

Jesus love you and i love you too.


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