Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Wacko College City@@

Today had the greatest fun of my entire days spend at college!Anyhow,pictures says it all~Be entertain and have an awesome time to look at the lengzai's and lenglui's!I will narrate thosse pictures during the whole browsing.ENJOY~!!
This picture is my class rep doing her silly face and i have someone to match it!!Look down!!
don't they look alike??!!Lolz~
The rest are my close and very helpful friends(some only here)that i first meet in my new life phase.Thanks alot you guys!!
This is Jason.He is more like a big brother to me than a friend because he is the most mature among us all and he is a real joker too.And for gurls out there that thinks that he is cute,good news!he is single and most importantly available!!Lolz~

As for this guy,his name is Tze Kai.He is probably the most vemo looking guy in our gang lur~~well,at least he tries to be emo looking la~When he took this picture he said"I want to be serious and please take the part where the pencil can be seen"Apala~~Lolz~And yes,single and available~but i think he is hard to get, so, gurlz~Gambateh Neh~Huahaha~

Today as usual ended class early and actually planned to go have our lunch outside and nearby our college but when we were there,the lines and rows of people queing up just to get a meal is as long as from Malaysia to China~(metamophorically speaking)
So,we cramp up our ass and the whole 7 of us(6 gals, 1 gay)fitted "nicely" in Yong En's poor and unlucky MyV!=p And headed off to Jusco.Before that we discover something as we were walking,actually Zhe Han discover it because he LURVES to walk behind girls!!

Us gals walking out of college and he started la with the "THREE PAIR" thgy~

The 1st pair is me and Yong En.Also known as the "2nd Tall Pair".

The two front gals are the "1st Tall Pair" and yea that gurl with a red bag is Hui Yin,and i forgot her pair's name!Sumi masen neh~
The two gals behing them are the "3rd Tall Pair.In other words, the SHORTEST pair!!!Lolz~~

A random picture while on the way to TBR.

There we are at last,at Jusco!!We have no pictures of us cramp up in the car,so sorry yea!!This picture above is the starting of us helping ourself and fulfilling our call!!Huahaha~

Me camwhoring others eating but kena camwhored also!!Apala~was waiting for my Pizza actually!!

Posers!!Random pix of me with i duno her name!!Huahah~~And why is Hui Yin so exited about!!

The driver!!huahahahaha~~

The bahagia look after a heavy and not nice meal!!


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ViCkY@Victoria said...

hahaha~~shakey suck la!!never gna go there again!!

VivianNg said...

haha i love shakey last time
but now not really d..

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