Thursday, July 3, 2008

Loving It Today!

Thursday is always the day that i look forward to this days after a week of rushing like mad to and back from school.It is so darn tiring!Today's class felt like it pass on very fast maybe because besides fooling around i did not really pay attention in class!Lolz~Business Statistic were(as usual)boring~so we(me and ame)skipped that stupid class during the break session!Ha ha~that class is such a waste of time!I meant the teacher because he does not care whether you are listening or fooling around or just lying there dead,he will still continue blabbering on the lecture notes!Haiz~Although all those were suppose to have been thought during our secondary school nut there are still some noobs(me la~)so,why can't he go slower!!Whatever!!
Later on passed by the canteen 2 and saw that the Elianto fair was still there and we were over thrilled(me~supeer dupeer over thrilled!!)and went over to buy some essential stuffs!!Ha ha~i bought 2 nail color,a violet red and a blue(i have blue fingers now!cool~)and it only cost me rm9 in which usually it cost me rm10!Cheap weh!(omg,im such an aunty!!)Lolz~!!And i am going to go buy some more this Sunday because my church is there and my mum was thrilled too when she got to know that Elianto has put up a stand in my school!!Lolz~Like mother like daughter!
Then,we went for our
HE class after like 10minutes there at the booth(i think longer than that!)Lolz!And poor Ame,her hands were like hantu(she claims la but i think it looks great!)because she was my white mice in order for me to choose the nail colors!Lolz!!Then some friends did their very 1st presentation here in TARC(congratz to them)and now i am kind of nervous myself!Lolz!!
Well,thatz all now!Tomorrow no class!Yeah!!Online whole day!!Lolz!Chiowz!


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