Friday, July 11, 2008

Energie Eye Relax~Here I Come!!!

"Eye Relax 2 is The Award Winning Medical Device which is clinically programmed to improve your eyesight especially myopia and presbyopia which are short-sightedness and long-sightedness.Eye Relax 2 is developed based on the European studies on visual fields and bio-spectrum technology."Yes,this is what i will be selling and will be talking for the whole entire period of my job.Yes,i am back to work with 9 hours/day and rm6/hour for 3 days in one week.But this time i am selling a product that is not well-known(actually no one noes!)to the public and in a way i am helping my company to create awareness of eyesight problems and try to prevent it especially those that has no eyesight problem and to those that wears spectacles,this Eye Relax 2 can help in improving your eyesight!It is for real!!I have tried it for 20 seconds and i got the result!!I got a clearer point of view and the sharpness of my focus also improved!!!And in the matter of 20 seconds and no more no less!!It really is a miracle to those that dread to wear spectacles!Let me show you how does the product look like~

This is my company's logo.

And this is the product that i am going to sell.This is actually Eye Relax but i am selling Eye Relax 2 which comprises more functions and a more user friendly device.It looks like a robot right??Ha ha~But it is very light in weight and it is petite but yet it does wonders and miracles!!

Besides that i also sell Beaus which is a device invented to solve and prevent back posture problem.It looks more like a baby strapper which is make out of a material which is darn stretchable(forgot the name of material!) and this product helps to reshape body(reduce fat) and back bone posture because it will be strap tightly,like extremely tight to pull back your back bone and refined it!!You all should really get this one!!It is like killing bird with one stone,exercising and correcting posture at the same time!!!
As for myself,i had training about this 2 product more than 4 hours in the AmCorp Mall under Energie company.I really enjoyed myself because i am learning something new and at the same time and most importantly,i GOT MYSELF A JOB!!yEA!!I am going to start work tomorrow at Sungai Wang based in Watson!And if anyone is indeed interested,please contact me for more informations.This is really a good product and i would strongly encourage to get one and this product is usable for all ages in one family and it is super duper easy to use too!!Why waste money on contact lenses,spectacles,eye lasers while there is this super cool and really effective product within 20 minutes and in an instant results can be proven!Although it is a bit pricey,no doubt la,you pay what you get ma~and this is not some lousy fake medical product you all always saw in TV(SMART SHOWS),but this is THE THING!!
Really exited for tomorrow and hope that i do not screw up in what ever i am going to explain to the customer and i am aiming to sell at least one unit tomorrow!!Wish me luck yea!!

Jesus love you and i love you too.


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