Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Need A Place To Hide!

Today was suppose or should i say was force to have a 'date' with Miss Oh-I-Am-So-Perfect and also known as Miss Oh-I-Really-Need-Your-Help-Cuz-I-Am-So-Helpless at the library today with the motive of us helping each other to finish up our BITA coursework.What the~!!Who ever gave her the idea that i want to be with her and be by her side in order for me to finish up my things!I can do very well without you la,Miss Whatever!!Yish~i so freakingly hate the way that she always pops up in the middle of my conversation with my besttie in college and not only that, she would even intrude while we were talking and unembarrassed, she would try to poke her big mouth into our conversation padahal she does not know what we are talking about!!!It is so annoying lur~Luckily, when we had our 2 and the half hour break before the next class, we went to the third floor and took a very hidden table enough for 7 people.So, even though she found us she can't have a sit there because she got a big ass that we would not have place enough for her!!There~I said it!!I HATE HER!!
Why can't she go bother someone else and leave me and Ame alone la~Haiz~too bad la that we ain't friends with her so she need to use her own ways to go seduce those guys that she wants!!And she can take her theories that she always live with away from us when she would stop bothering us!Urrgghh~~I just want to puke every single time i saw her sooo forever pretending face and sorry lur~i would not be fooled by her fake coughs lur and in her dreams la that some day i would fill her up in my league, i will never ever hang out with someone whose ENTERTAINMENT during the holidays are STARONLINE ONLY lur~~Go get a life gurl!!!But not a life by me or Ame's side! SHOOO~WE DON'T WANT YOU!!!


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