Thursday, July 31, 2008

Topsy Turvy World

Yesterday i went for the CF meet in TARC for the very 1st time!And i really enjoyed it!The preacher preached on the title"PREJUDICE".She quote that 'We don't see things as they are but we see things as we are'.In which she means that each and every one of us have and see things differently.We see things that are of our thought only and we judge things that we SEE and not UNDERSTAND.And Jerusha Jie jie lead us in the praise and worship session and she got such angelic voice which is truly a gift of God.And we played a game that contributes to the title for that day.
At the end of it all,i learned that we should really got to get close with the something or someone before we do judgment of them/that.
I would definitely go for the next CF meet even though i ended home 9 that day because it is worth it all to be fed with the Word of God and to learn things that we were taught but are obviously now drifting away!No!!
I asked Jerusha to pray for me because i would be facing my Business Statistic today(past ard). Today's test is really a killer!!Help me!!Out of the 5 questions,i had neither one that i can be sure of to get the full marks which is 10 each! I am so darn pathetic and helpless in Mathematics la~
Anyway, it is now all over and there is no use too to whine over it any more and just pray that God's mercy is upon me lur~*prays*
We had another group of friends that did their Hubungan Etnik today and....i don't want to comment la because i would kena saman again if i gave the details!!Haiz~
All i can say is, "You peeps have done your best and congratz to those that took the effort to prepare and it was really lovely and informative."
Had a stroll just now before coming back.And......Well,i kena bully again lur~whatelse!!Haiz~
My friends really had no respect to others la and i really don't know what to say lur and i think i can't and don't have any one trust worthy enough for me to lean on!Hm~~
I miss my secondary school peeps lur~less stress and at least there are people that i can always look up to and be dependent to!!
Going to work again for the next 2 days and want to take Sunday off to shop!!Yea!!

Dear sweet Lord,Thank you for Your everlasting mercy and blessing upon me and my family and i pray oh Lord that You would continue to do Your miraculous work on this humble family of Yours and direct us oh Lord to the path that You have predestined for us and lead us oh Lord to live daily righteously in Your sight oh sweet Jesus!In Jesus mighty name i ask and pray of,Amen.

Jesus love you and i love you too.


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