Friday, August 1, 2008

Where Is The Love??~

Yup,that is my title for today.
I am feeling so down for the past few days because i feel that they is no one there to really love me anymore!!*sob sob*
Everything that i do, it turns out to either be wrong or unsatisfactory! Nevertheless, there would be occasional bullying from friends and not forgetting family members!What ever is happening??
Am i born to be laugh at??
Am i born to be ignored??
Am i born to be called stupid??
Am i born to suffer things that an 18 years old girl should be free of??
Am i born to be back stab at??
Am i born just to only make people happy??
Am i born just to make others life easier and thus resulting in mine being distorted??
Tell me!!
I really can't feel love surrounding me anymore, i found myself no strength and mood to be happy all the time anymore!!
I do put on fake smile all the time even though i am offended and make fun of, i tried to put up a face that is acceptable by all but it usually fails because the sorrow is too painful for me to even craved a smile on my face!!
Just please leave me alone in my own world and please go away from me if you can't put up with my never-ever-gonna-change attitude because i will not change for men but i will change for God!

Dear Lord Jesus,please take away all my sorrows and pain and i lift up my life to You today,oh Lord!
Please make me also to be more cheerful,enough to shine to show that i have You oh Lord despite all rejections
Also Lord,soften my heart and take away those grudges that had been held tightly in my heart as it is sinful!
I also pray oh Jesus that You will bless my friends that had stuck up with my unattainable attitude and most importantly,bless my enemies 7 fold oh Lord as it has been stated in the Bible.
In Jesus mighty name i pray and asked of,Amen.

Ps: BIBLE IS (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)
Jesus love you and i love you too


VivianNg said...


I love you as a bestie.
You're a great friend to me.
Eventhough i can't be there for you always I still love u.
We're great sisters in Christ.
If there are times i bring you down, i'm really sorry.
So don't feel moody or unhappy k.
But one thing u must remember that God's love is always there for you.
His love is the greatest that no one is like Him.

ViCkY@Victoria said...

not u la ok!dun so perasan!Lol~
it is someone that is among my fwenz la~
u and sarah are the only ppl that i can trust now!Lol~

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