Friday, August 15, 2008

Continuation of yesterday(Outing and Presentation)

Outing of the century!!Lolz!!There is nothing much to say as pictures paint a thousand words!

Makaning at McD at TS(CBK)

Yeqii and me(me enjoying^^)

Our class cute"monkey"(William)

Later on they went to play Sega and all those shooting game and see the funess they had !!

CBK so exited!!

The pro-ness of William at the table scorer!!Chewah!!

Play till so serious and study that time also not that serious!!

Ooo~shooting session!!My fav!!See the yeng-ness of em all!!

Again!!The pro-ness of William at the shooting range!Study also not lk that face wan!!

Ah Tan dailou!!*shivers*

Jason~yet another dailou!!

Then Tze Kai(bday boy)became the victim!!Funny-ness!!
Then they went and invade the Bowling Center and messed up the whole place with their silly-ness and funny-ness!!Lolz!!This is the best gang ever la!I am so ever glad to have chosen group 5 in the first place!!Lolz!!

Yeqii(can she even lift a 6 ball??Let alone a 13!!)Lolz!!

Tze Kai(August Baby) Chewah!!Show off ke??Take 14 punya ball!! Can or not oh??

Then kena lempar for showing off!!Just joking!!Duno what is he doing la,maybe he has seen the light on his 18 year old birthday!!Lolz!!

William is a pro at everything except for studying and you see la,he got Mou Ying Shou!!Lolz!!

And there he goes!!Like want to PK like that!!Lolz!!Sure cant score wan la!!So senget!!Lolz!!

The boring-ness and wuliau-ness of Yeqii and CBK!!

Lengluis!!(except for the two behind!!(not our people!!)

Cuteness!!(CBK wana be hostess,Kai Kai wana be angel,William wana be cute monkey and Tan wana be superrrMan!!)Lolz!!


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