Sunday, August 3, 2008

Home At Last...

Today is the first week of a new week for me and i am at home at last today!I said this because for well around 2 weeks i have been unable to go to church and it feels like the devil tried to fill up all my time by giving me lots and lots of happenings and works and also not forgetting studies and examinations!!So i have decided to quit my job and to focuz more on my first priority and that is more time spend with God and also to do well in my studies which i aren't coping very well.Hm~

As for today,it was again my turn to be on duty for King's Kids at the toddler department.Before that,today's attendance of the children is kind of disappointing as most of the parents went for the Saturday service.This may due to the Bazaar that they are having starting from today and those parents doesn't wan to go through all the trouble to be aren't able to find parking and all lur~
We had only one "customer"today(or so we like to address la~)who is the cute boy,Darren!But he ain't so cute today*lol*because he was really sticky to his daddy to day and insisted*by crying like there's no tmr*to be with his daddy and does not want to attend the toddler class.Lolz~He really cried like we are goind to separate him from his father like forever!Lol!!Can u feel the cuteness of babies!!LolZ...i wonder...was i ever like that last time??*chuckle*
Instead,i went for the service and was kind of thrilled because today is the first week of the month and we have our holy communion on this days.I had not been having that for a few months now due to the absenties from church and i really do feel the presence of God today despite me*obviously*are drifting away from God.I am just really thankful that God has not forsake me nor forget me despite me leaving him aside and made other things my first priority!Haiz~what a daughter am i to ever forget my Father and also my Creator,My Provider,My Comfort....

Dear Father,thank you for today that You have brought me back to where i belong once again.Jesus,make me stay on Your path and never to drift away again.Teach me and make me teachable oh Lord.
In Jesus mighty name i ask and pray,Amen.


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