Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So Darn Free~~La la~~

Here is my second post for today.I really had alot of free time today!Lolz!!
After the first post today,i continued online and study at the same time!I really did study ok!Lolz!!And i finish my first chapter of my "Heaven Is So Real"book and this song kept appearing on my mind and eventually hummed it all day long.I named it "Your Love" because i don't know what is the name of it!Lolz
Your Love oh Lord
Is like the mountains
And Your Word never fails..
Your faithfulness
Is like the oceans
Deeper than endless sea..
Glory to God..
Let every heart sing,
Glory to God
In the highest..
*there should be a lot of errors cuz i don't remember the lyrics*
Indeed..God's love for us is as high as the mountains and to me it is ever higher than that!And also His faithfulness to us is as deep as the depts of the oceans and yes..will always be deeper than that!
For this past few days,i realize that God will always be my first and last love because i realize that i have been finding love every where and at places that i can't imagine that i had been!Hm~To realize that LOVE has always been in front of me and that is God.Yess!!God is Love and Love is God~*i found a scripture of that in the Bible but i fforgot the verse!!*
Wee~utterly bored now~Tomrrow will definitely go college but have to go dentist again for an x-ray on that darn wisdom tooth.Lolz!I think the dentist should really give me a big discount for being a frequent visitor there!!I have been there 4 times within 3 weeks!!Lolz!!Talk 'bout 6 months per year check up,this babe is there 4 times in a month!!Lolz!!
Anyway,Lalala~~Viva la Vida people!!


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