Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bad Luck Comes With Happy Moments

Actually the title should say happy moments evolves after we had our bad moment and that happen to me today!Haiz~Met my friend while on board the bus and had a great laugh because he is a real joker and he acts lurves acting like a softy~Lolz!Can say that that was the happiest moment of my life when boarding the bus to TARC.Was utterly suprised when my always on time friends were much much earlier than me and thus i know something had happened and truly it has!!And a lmao*laugh my ass off*thing too!!You peeps are the best and truly are my type of people la~~^.^All i can say is that she is a noob that she did not realize what had happened around her or maybe...she pretend that she don't know about it!?Hm~becareful peeps~
Later on,decided to skip HE and went to Jusco for a round or two...or three...more la~of arcade games and in a way to release the stress and to have a good time together.Not all of us went there la because it was not a planned thing and no one wants to attend HE so go release stress because we would be getting that more after today!!Lolz!! comes the bad luck!!!While walking out of school,me,Victoria trips on the sidewalk and fell*cutely**lol*and scratched her*beautiful**lol*legs and it bleed like it has never bleed before!!Like fountain weh,oopps~~i exaggerated~i meant like a burst pipe!!Lolz!!All the while lmao and my friends are more worried of it than me!Lolz~I thought that it was funny because one of my friend was saying :"I dun wana walk there la,scared trip.."and before she can finish that i already trip!!Lolz!And so we pasted alot and i meant alot of Elastoplast on my injury as the scratch is not minor scratch and one lil cute plaster can't possibly withstand the overflowing blood!Lolz!!So i had 3 plaster vertically and horrizontally plastered on the right leg and 2 more vertically plastered on the left leg!Lolz!!Farnyness..Later people thought i have some weird obssesions with plasters!Lolz!!It did not really hurt actually eventhough it was badly scratched..or maybe i had experience worst and more hurtful event than this before la so i don't really feel anything.But...but..was and am wondering,how the hell am i going to bathe tonight??!!T.T Surely even Wonder Woman will feel the pain of her injury after a day fighting and goes back to have a shower!And what more a normal mortal like me!!Urrgghh~~Nice going there Victoria!!uRRGGHH!!T.T
On the brighter side*CNN again~*,we had a jolly good time at Jusco's*lame*arcade and had a great stress relieve therapy there!Started off with Hit The Dummies*i named it la*and was hitting the poor NEW machine away which require us to*duh*hit the peeking penguins,wicked looking polar bears,squids*wicked looking too*and also treasure boxes.Started off with 2 siow girls and ended up with another 2!!Later,went to the Shoot The Basket*i named also la*and had great time relieving my days while i was in the basketball team!Haiz!Long time ago and had rusted since i had not touch the ball for well around 1 year,no time to play and not forgetting no kaki to play also~Had a great time shooting those in~Then toured the arcade for awhile and played Gun Em All*yeaa..i named it too*and had a bit difficulty shooting because that darn gun has no target vision!!Urrghh~and yess..I lost it to a girl,not guy ok!!Lolz!!Next up is the Drive Like Devil*i like this name*and 4 of us competed,2 guys and 2 gals namedly Tan,Jason,Me and Ame.Woo~now that was fun!And we ended up winning 3rd to 4th placing!!Lolz!!Too good to be devil driving la!!Lolz!!Then shoot some more baskets and watch my friends played Dance Like Siow and not forgetting the cute Mario thing!!That was darn funny and the lamest play station they had there la~~That is for frustrated kids!!Lolz!!Then the greatest of all always comes last!And that is,Ame and May Kheng decided to try the Horse Gambling and whew~~they are hot chicks!!Lolz!!Showing their asses off at all directions!They were excited of it at first but got tired after like what...2 minuted rocking back and forth that dummy horse!!Lolz~~That was funny,and luckily i did not offer to ride/try that out!Lolz!!
That was me and my friends!!Great friends i would say!!
And here i am in Starbucks again~~Wee~~Boredness~they looked like they want to kick me out because i did not order anything from them and am enjoying myself with free wireless connection!Lolz!!Careness~~


Vivian Ng said...

Owh no.
hows ur leg now?
i bet it does hurt a lot weh.
Hope ur wound will heal soon hehe.

Victoria said...

He he~~thankz!yea!!it is and am hellish now!!Lolz!!Haiz!!

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