Saturday, August 23, 2008

Of Boredness n Fatness??!

Ok~today was really really bored!Woke up at 9.30a.m at the sound of my mum blabbering that i slept till the sun's shines my ass and it is going to hide under it if i don't wake up anymore and continue sleeping!Haiz!Come on la~it is weekends,what do you expect la!!Haiz~Really got no comment on that la~
Went downstairs and took my breakfast and not a healthy wan too,i ate egg fried with bread and also potatoes!Hm~real full,full to the max la~So nothing to watch and start studying lur~Continued and lasted till 1 p.m,not bad ey~!Lolz!!Then temani my mum to the wet market once again to get...i don't know what she bought la...because i went to the shopping mall just beside it to get some stationery and mags!!Yeah!!Can't leave without mags and goss of the Timber Town ya know~Lolz!!
Drag...drag...drag...oh~meanwhile watch some awesome performances of water acrobats!Woo!Hotness~like totally!!Whew and Spain *or was it Russia??* won the Gold medal for that sports!!Yeah to them and it really paid off lur~Hm~then drag some more~~Just sat there the whole day reading mags,msg,mags some more and of course msg non stop~~Then when it is 6p.m,watch my favorite Indo show,Bawang Merah Bawang Putih.I have actually watch this whole episod before so it is now second time watching it and still enjoying it!Lolz!!The cruelness of it all is just so unbearable yet you still want to watch it and know what is going to happen next!Awesome ness~~
At 6.45++,we head out and to Pizza Hut!WOohoo~yeah, thatz the Hut where everyone finds happiness!!Lolz!!Not forgetting the sadness too when pounds are gain/gained after being happy there!!Lolz!!Fast food are just fattening and yet we still love and adores it!Human~human~*chuckle*and now here i am blogging and does stuffs that i do when online and was looking back at photos of me*lastime and now* and saw an awful thing!!Fat ness has over powered me!!Haiz!!I need a new resolution and it is not even New Year yet~
New resolution=Lose Another 3kg By End of This Year!!

Me now.

Can you see those arms!!?Urgh!(me now)

Me now in full body length and im tun tun neh!!*sobs*
Letz have a peek of me when i am not that chubby as now!!Haiz!!

Me when was in camp!see la not chubby at all!!Huhuhu~~

This is perfecto!!i want to be back in this shape!!Gambateh to me!!Lolz!!


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