Thursday, August 21, 2008

Great Day comes with Great Friends!^-^

Every Thursday is a total waste of time traveling to TARC because we only have class in the morning!Well..We do have class after 10a.m but that class is a total waste of time because it was presentation assignment for the past 7-8 weeks!In a way,that makes teacher lazy and they are paid to do nothing except for the pathetic lecture that she can't even attract our attention for the mere 1 hour!!Call herself teacher some more!I seriously got no other comment other than she is not worth of that "Name"*chuckles*
And just got to know recently that our headmistress of TAR KL campus has change to a headmaster!!Woah~that was so totally undisclosed!!Unlike those days in secondary that we would even make a damn big party like want to celebrate National Day to celebrate the headmistress that retires or transfers to other places as to pay contribute for her hardworks lur~But till now i have not seen our new headmaster and he was not introduce to the whole school!Hm~now that makes me wonder whether this is just a rumour or my friends are making it up??Now that is lame to make such lies and to say that lur~Nothing to do meh?Lolz!By the way,we do have a good headmistress la~So there should be no reason to kick her away/transfer right??And she looks way to young to retire!Ha ha ha~~Anyway,good luck Headmistress of TAR!~(I duno her name~=p)
Back to my title!Lolz!!Today was yet a great day and this is the days that makes me feel worth of going to college,those distances that i have to brace through,those unwelcome stresses,and not forgetting those new and full of weird attitude people that i have to face through!Lolz!!Yea friends~(my duper 38 yet lovable group!!)You know who i am refering to right!!You guys and gals make my day today and it is great to know you all and nevertheless you all rock my day!!
We celebrate one of our friends birthday today and it is none other than Cheong Boon Kin!!Happy Birthday dude!!One year older already lur~so need to look out more for yourself yea,and never be scare to come to us to ask if there are problems because we would always be there for you to help you and will definitely side you la~!^.^

Birthday boy!

His cake.

Can you spot the difference??!!Lolz!!

Very nice arh~~

Groupie photo at last!^.^

So,when you go clubbing legally remember to invite me yea!!Lolz!!I also can go there legally already within 1 more week!!Yeah~!!I really can't wait for me to turn legally 18!Huahahaha~
And yeah!WE did go white today so here it is~us as a big family*kam*friends!!


VivianNg said...

so yeng lo u all. hehe all white eh =D

ViCkY@Victoria said...

Yeala!!Lolz!!Cant wait what to wear for next monday!!Huahaha~
In a wat it helps to marapatkan us all lo!so i like playing lk that although i dun have perfect wardrobe!!Lolz!!

VivianNg said...

u guys really cool weh.
Its nice wearing the same.
must take pic of all of u next mon wearing the same color.

ViCkY@Victoria said...


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