Friday, August 29, 2008


Starting from today,no more lecture and tutorial classes for the next like what..3 months??Not really sure~Hm~did not go to school today and suppose to study and get ready for the finals~But!!Whadda ya know~~i did not study at all!!What the!!Haiz~Really need to go find adds on the cheapest R.I.P service so that i can use it as soon as i took my exams!Lolz!!So anyone who knows aho to contact do spam me yea!Lolz!!
My leg got worse on the second day of injury of my shameful yet funny experience.Too bad i got no camera to take a picture of it to post the "look" of my injured leg.You all will think that i had a car accident instead of just falling down!I really hate TARC now!Stupid path way and clumsy me too la~~I seriously don't know why i walk over that border that day because usually i don't!!Haiz!!The injured place had the yellow gooey thing coming out now~I don;t know what they call it in English~Haiz~~And i saw this pix at my Safe Dangered Animal pictures and it reminds me that the monkey is holding a wire gauge and handling it to me!!Lolz!!

See what i meant??!!Lolz!!Anyway,safe this baby gorilla~~Don't shoot em' u evil hunters!!


VivianNg said...

omg. the monkey so cute la weh. haha

ViCkY@Victoria said...

yea~~imagine that that is a wire gauge!!Lolz!!Lolz!!my luka sure terus sembuh!!lOlz!!Cuteness~~

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