Thursday, August 7, 2008
Here i am now sitting at Starbucks wasting my time onlining here and refusing to go back early on the reason that i actually waste my precious 2 hours taking bus and all!But actually that IS the truth!!Lolz~
It has been a long time since i have taken my lappie out and to Starbucks or Mac Donald to go wireless!And i really missed the feeling of being left alone yet surrounded by the world and this is where i can get more of the world without others buzzing around and telling me what or where to go or do.I like or would rather say love being alone but yet i am afraid of being left alone!!Do you get what i meant??Lolz~Well,that is then for me to know and for you to find out!!*a quote from silly meanie* Lolz~
Here in front of me there is this couple,a blondie and an indian, sitting in a 2 person table in formal dressing and they apparently are discussing about there job but at times they seem to be shovering each other with affections of love by tantalising each other with their eyes!!Lolz~I,here,seriously wonder what will their baby look like when they do get together and get married?Hm~Usually mixtures are diamonds but i think that is an exception for this couple!!Lolz!!Because the blondie aren't hot and you all should know how indians look like right??!!Lol~And this reminds me back to the CF meet that shows us a video which says that:"Cheapskates indian!!"Lolz~~That is so mean of me!!
And on the other table,there this guy which is like showing off his rm 2000++(i think)Dopod phone to me because he really is helding it a bit to high up then the normal position for him to poke at it,whatever he is doing with that valuable yet sleek precious phone!!Lolz~But that phone kind off don't suit him because that sleek phone seems like it is design for ladies and not big bulk guy like him!But he is quite cute though!!*cheek-ness*Lolz~
Oh!!Did i include that going wireless in Starbucks had become from great to worse!!Hish~The line here can't be kept put and constantly "Wireless connection unavailable" and "Timezone,very excellent.".Crap la excelent!!And there are really busy till no time to attend to me and no one came up to check whether anyone is sitting here for free and i am sitting here for free because i did not order anything from them!!Lolz~Oh well,my lucky day i guess!!Ha ha ha ha~
The rain has stopped now.Thus no more high heel ladies running like chickens for cover under the heavy rain!Lolz~~It is good to rain heavily sometimes because it was really really hot for the past few days and are for fear of drought~Hm~And more and more people are getting sick(including me)and the clinics must be making big bucks now!!Lolz~i seriously wonder~how do they survive when there is no one sick and there would be no patients!!And those medicine doesn't come cheap you know and if it is not consume/sell to the customer before the expiry date,they have to bear their own losses and there have to makan diri,if you know what i meant!Lolz~
I am now obviously craping of what that comes to my mind and of what that is happening in the world around me!Ha ha~But actually i missed the company of my true friends and yeah!!,Pui San in going to be back this Friday and yeah!!,my mum has agree to let me out to celebrate her birthday despite of my up coming final exams!!Thanks mum!!So i can meet up with my NS friends no longer than 2 more weeks!!Yeah!!Asyik~~!!At last i can get a break and rest my stiff shoulders that i have manage to acheive since i started college and nothing more that i have gather!!Haiz~Yes~that is sad to know but that is the truth and like i have always say,we had more fun and laughters than hardcore studying in TAR college!Hm~It is kind of like wasting my mother's hard earn money*yea,i am regreting it now*and am making myself to study whenever i can and could.Hm~by God's grace,i can cope up with all those that i have left behind and make it well in my finals because i do not want to repeat and that would be so embarrasing if i do!!Urggghh~NO!!NEVER!!Not for me though~So i will do whatever i could to acheive my goals!!


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