Friday, August 22, 2008

Day Off

Yea~today is my day off and i don't need to go to college and i can finally have some sufficient rest!But woke up early in the morning and went to the dentist to get advice for my plans to extract the wisdom tooth A.S.A.P before it hurts again!Though i doubt it will anymore because people say that when it is finally out it will not hurt anymore~but it will take on the nest step and that is to rot!!Huh!!??No!!So~the dentist say that i need to be transfer/recommend to the Hospital Ampang to do a small operation to rid off the tooth.Yea~it sounds scary OPERATION~but yea~it is just a minor one that only cuts off a bit of my gum in order to pull out the tooth.
Then accompanied my mum to the wet market to get some veggies for the week and was bargaining,bargaining and more bargaining*yea~i'm such an aunt y*Lolz!!Then went home and had my breakfast,well branch actually!!Lolz!And i slept like a log after that~~ZzZZzzz~~==
Woke up 3-4 hours later*can't remember*and around 1.15p.m start studying till 6p.m!Woo~yea~that is just practically what i do during my free days at house.So unfruitful and waste of time!I was then on the phone with my Meanie and was crapping away~carpping...crapping...and more crapping~~Lolz!!=p He went for $5 all you can eat Pizza with his friends!!Lolz!!Isn't he tired of that??Hm??I wonder la~If it is me,surely i will get bored of pizzas and throw up if i ever hear of it!Lolz!!Meanie sure gained weight already la~Pizzas are so fattening!!Lolz!!~~La la la la la la la~~


j o l e n e said...

Hi Victoria =)

ViCkY@Victoria said...

Hey Jolene!!Thankx for dropping by dear!i will read urs everyday!!Hm~~Lolz!!

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