Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympic Gone~=Wait for Another 4 Year.(combined service today)

Woo~Beijing Olympic ended after a glorious 16 days of competing!!Hm~Well done to all athletes and really appreciate the fight that they all have put up!And the closing was yet another spectacular one and i don't think anyone missed that event la because everyone came online late!Lolz!!So need to wait for next four years lo and it will be at London!!Huahaha~~Tonight they even "shipped" *chuckles* David Beck ham and Leona Lewis and not forgetting Jimmy Page for just a short moment of Performance and the best thing is I don't know why they "shipped" David there because he was there to just kick one ball to the audience but one of the China dude got it and rush for it!!Lolz!!Pleasse la~David is yet just another person who is darn talented and that is also due to God's grace for him to be talented in football and not forgetting his good looks!!Lolz!!And my mum saw nothing but the unsightly big and tough looking legs of Leona Lewis!!Lolz!!She darn funny la because she said: "Wah~why she got such big legs like of Japanese??Like guy's legs!!"Lolz!!
Hm~My first combined service since that i came back from NS and it was great to meet up all church friends and make some new ones too~Very fruitful!!Lolz!!Not forgetting that Sarah drew a very nice Mickey for me*my favorite cartoon character
* and a Spongie Bobbie for Vivian!And my god sister is a talented one hot chick too!!Lolz!!Thankx sis for that Mickey dude!!Lolz!!Hm~nothing much to blog la except that i cried when i watch the closing of Beijing Olympic 2008!!Buhbye Beijing wonders~will make it a wonderful memory!!^.^


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