Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What A Big Failure I Am!!

I failed my Business Statistic coursework!!I did not really expect good passing marks but neither did the expectation of failure came in mind!It was really like a real slap to my face when i got my paper and was utterly shock to see the results and i shall not named my result orelse someone might faint while reading my this part of the post!!Lolz~~
All i can disclose of DEM5's amazing embarrassment is that almost 50% failed that unit and i can really see the devastated look on my lecturer's face and that he have no other choice but to give us a second chance to pass our unit so that he would not have to see us again(practically the whole class)and jammed up his class full of repeat students!!Lolz~And yea,i can't accept failures and defeat!Call me cocky,call me Miss Perfect,in fact call me anything you want but still i can't accept defeat!!But i ain't any smarty pants also!Haiz~Guess that i have to work double the extra hard for my next semester and please la~No More Failure!!I really can't take second time failure!!Urggh~
On the brighter side(sounds like CNN pulak),Pui San came back for her holidays and we had confirmed that we are all going to gather this Saturday at Times Square(Malaysia no place else to go wan lo) to celebrate her birthday and also as a gathering~Hm~Long time did not see them so am really looking forward to it la~=)But i doubt that all close wans will be there la cause everyone has their own agendas and all since National Service ended and all and there are college,form6,A-levels and other serious shit to settle in.Hm~Nevertheless,am still looking forward to it!!Lolz~It is going to be great!!Yeah!!
Going to buy a big teddy prezzie for her tommorow,the burfday gal!!Hope she loves it and would bring it back to Malacca to hug it when she feels lonely and she can also be reminded of us too!!What a wise prezzie!!Lol~!Lame-ness!And i can meet up with my sifu of changing language and that is none other than,John!!Lolz~Will always remember and use words like POWERFULL,TURTLELIST and also GENGNESS!!Hope to have a fun-licious weekend this week thou i need to use money again!!T.T Lolz~


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