Sunday, August 31, 2008

What Makes Malaysian Truly Malaysian

  1. Every single morning there would never be smooth sailing traffic,whether you come out early or late..surely there would be a long queue long before the toll and also after the toll till reaches our destiny*sometimes don't..*

2.When comes to football naming players,Malaysian can name all those players that aren't from our country but if asked about our own will have to expect crickets sounds~

3.When on the road,all real colors are shown eventhough to those sweet demure looking chicks and will surely signal "international language".So "hemah" la,so "berbudi bahasa" la~~
4.When there are no parking nearby our destination and have to park far away and do a little bit of walking,we complaint but when there are mega sales through out the whole country,if needed,walking from Midvalley to the Curve is also "No Problem"!!

5.When asked to work under the hot sun then say " hot!!Later la~" but when it comes to concert or carnival under the scorching sun,No complaint!!

6.One more significance is that everywhere we go,be it early in the morning,late in the evening we can see that there are alot of stalls operated my Malyas that sells,yes..none other than Nasi Lemak.

7.When it comes to food,no doubt,Malaysians are the first person in this whole wide world that you should asked!I mean...they are duper good with that la~They can tell you where to find the best Kuey Teow and where they can get the cheapest and yummiest Chicken Rice to the most special names of Roti Canai they can create.

This is called the "Wai sek gai" in Pudu which means "Greedy Eat Street"Lolz!
But when are asked to sing the National is where all those blur faces showing and some even create their own lyrics of the National anthem.
8.Changes handphones is also another truly Malaysian Malaysian thing.Asked to donate Rm10,complaint but when comes to Rm 1780++ handphone,no complaint and some more say "Wah so cheap!!Usually Rm 2000++ leh~~"
9.Always implement and asked students to read more and to cultivate the habit of reading wherever we are but in reality the adults are just as lazy as the childrens are..maybe worse.Malaysians rather spend their leisure sleeping than reading.

and i saw this picture too~~

No comment!!
10.Lastly,Malaysians always have a very creative thinking.Have a look at the picture below.

Lolz!I saw this at Kenny's own blog and i was like OMG!!And utterly No Comment!!


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