Friday, August 8, 2008

Beijing Olympic Fever!^^

And yet today is the most special day ever that will only come once in our whole entire life and that is the most ospicious day that the chinese believed and it is none other than the triple 8(08/o8/o8)! Ain't that a nice number and i can't wait for 09/09/09!!Lolz~^^I myself prefer the number 9 so i hope next year on the 09/09/09,there would be something special to come and i hope i can be with someone special to make it an unforgettable memory,a life time memoery actually! Anyway,YEAH!!Beijing Olympic is here again after 4 years of preparing for this big event,and they are really good at the "Opening".It was spectacular!The formations were superb,the tradisional clothings,the songs *the duet was sweet and meaningful*and i was really wishing hard that i was there to experience it myself!*sob sob*^^And i even make a dumb promise to myself that i will be there for the next Beijing Olympic and that is when i am 22 years old.I will have the money by then and i would be pretty free by then(i hope^^)and i would want to be there with some one special and not to be there alone,at least with a good peep la~I really can't wait for the olympic to start and i will definitely stick to the television and i will catch it online if i do missed it or when i am not at home!Lolz~
And they are really efficient too!!They have already had the pictures at their own webpages while the opening is still running!!Hm~
The bird nest stadium

The Opening

There are actual people running around this ball and this is where they sang"WE ARE FAMILY"on that glowing ball!It was so touching!!*sob sob*

This is the countries that are being announced and there are actually 204 continents that joins this Beijing Olympic!!Hm~and i can feel the heat!!Lolz~

This actually looks weird but it is actually humans sitting there with clothings like Koreans!Lolz~

Their football stadium!Woah!Shame on you Malaysia

Lolz~so shamefull if compare to Beijing's*i simply put it smaller*Cheekyness=p

Beijing's friendlies/a.k.a Mascots!!

Named Bei Bei,Jin Jin,Huan Huan,Ying Ying and Ni Ni*from the left*
*note*"Bei Jing Huan Yin Ni"
"Beijing Welcomes You"
that is what this mascots stands for and it is actually from the 5 element of the earth!!
That is just about it i think and actually they have more spectacular pictures that they might not have upload(i think)and i would post about this Olympic through this season(i think =p)
Hm~It would be really nice if Malaysia are able to have humans in neon clothings with light bulbs built on it and it will emit light and turns out different pictures as those people run around crazily and formed a swallow!!Lolz~and they make it like a flying one too!How awesome!!


VivianNg said...

The opening for Beijing Olympic was awesome!! watch last night and really love it!
damn chunted. haha
Btw, sarah wish us Happy Farting Day. Fart Fart Fart! 888! haha.
funny weh.

ViCkY@Victoria said...

she is such a crapy gal!!
Beijing Olympic is a sight to behold and also to spot lengzais!!Lol~Jjk~
By the way,their mascot brings the meaning
"Beijing huan yin ni"
"Beijing welcomes you"

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