Monday, August 25, 2008
No doubt the finals are very very near and yet i still got the time to go online and blog about myself and so without further explanation,you all should know how "well prepared" i am!Lolz!!I just got lazy-er by the day and ended up wasting my first semester in a blur shell~Hm~Hope that by God's everlasting grace that i am able to pull it through la~Thank You Lord for being here with me!!^.^
Went to college today and no teaching except that i had finally manage to clarify things that i don't really get and forgot for Introduction to Accounting.Guess that makes it worth being at college today.Hm~~Spent almost all my free time today reading a book entitled "Heaven Is So Real".I actually got that book as a present from my aunt and i had actually read that whole book once before my aunt lent it from me.This second time beholding this book actually gave me yet another new revelation!!I really never knew that actually by reading a testimonial book that like would eventually make my heart burn and eager more for our Father in Heaven!Lolz!I even wish that i can die this instant moment so that i could finally be at "Home".Earth is never my permanent home ever since i got to know God and had always been waiting for that day to arrive.Although i am not as obedient,as waitful,as pure heart ed as Choo Nam*the writer/experiencer*,but i am trying as hard as i can to be like her,the special shild of God that was given the priviledge to see Heaven and Hell even when her time is not up yet~Don't you think that it is wonderful yet assuring that you will know where you end up later when our soul departs from our earthly body?I really really hope mine ends up in Heaven where i could praise and worship Him all the remaining days without anymore burdens and wickedness in life that i have to go through.Hm~But some how i believe that God put me in such a way that He wants me to be well prepare for the worst and by then He will know that i am all ready to face it all.And i finally learn the meaning to wait on God and wait for God.As God truly does His things according to his own timing and we should be obedient to wait and not to hurry God!Lolz!!I will definitely continue more on it tomorrow as i will be at house all alone tomorrow the whole day because too lazy to go college and there are too many unsightly things that i am trying to avoid as i am cleansing myself before God so that i can feel Him more and obviously in my life.I don't want to be astray anymore as i had for the past few months.I can't really feel Him anymore!!*sobs..sobs*and i just felt that my life is not worth living at all at that moment!That is when i realize how important is God in my life!Hm~It is like a wake up call from God and calls me to redirect my path again towards Him and not away.Through out this whole process,i realize that God has actually place wonderful friends/Christians in my life as in a way to guide me.Their passion for God is really visible as to praying *in college*before eating,a thing which i would never do in public because i am too hungry and i don't feel easy doing it.Lolz!!So i am learning now ok!!I really really want to learn to spread the goodness and the marvelous things that God had done and will continue to do in my life,but anyhow,there will always be an/a big obstacle/s!!It just happened today but i don't feel like mentioning it here because i am learning to not bad mouth others and MAN!!that is hard to do because it has been my attitude for like...i don't know how long as i had live??!!Lolz!!
Old habit dies hard,ya'know~~Hm~~
While i am blogging here,there is a sudden urge to go to the McD right outside my house for a quikie of Oreo MacFlurry!!Lolz!I do have cravings at night~but~neh~have to live without that tonight because i am gaining those pounds rapidly!!NO!!


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