Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Skipped College = Wasting My Time at House!!

I did not go college today because felt that it is a waste of my time being there but nothing was to be done!And i said if i were at house,i would have more time to study and i will have my own space doing that.But~the fact that i am here really really pisses myself off!!Urrgghh~I'm like..What the hell am i doing here instead of studying!Haiz!The internet really are powerful than books to be able to attract a bookworm not to study.Lolz!!And i am looking at all this pictures too which reminds me of my friends!!Lolz!!
Align Left
Equals to = ??

Banana Pie!!!Lolz!!
Well,that was Sarah and a dear sister to me.I have another dear sister and here she is:

She is so hot right??!
Vivi = ??

Apple Pie!!!Lolz!!
And me....

This is me!!
Me = ??

Pineapple Pie!!Lolz!!
Well,all those pictures reminds me of the threesome of us and us as a sister too~although we are of different pies,yet,we are all still "sweetie pies"Lolz!!Self proclaim!!Lolz!!And here is another deary to me and he is none other than:

He looks cool right?!!Lolz!!
Christopher = ??

Yea!!A pig!!Oink..oink!!Lolz!!!
I am so going to get it from them all if they read my post!!Lolz!!Well,sorry peeps,you all reminds me of those and you can't blame me because i have got nothing to do and i don't feel like studying!!Lolz!!
*photoes courtesy of friendster*
*sorry for grabbing without permission!*


VivianNg said...

Hey my pineapple pie. =P
i love this post eh =D

apple pie

ViCkY@Victoria said...

yEAH!!My fav too!!Lolz!!

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