Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This IS Life!

Today is the life that i always practice while i am in secondary school and had really left it behind since secondary life ended and a new face began,Tertiary.A real hectic and no life experience!em~
Right after my last class today,went and had a sweaty afternoon today because played my all time favorite and that is none other than VOLLEYBALL!!Lolz!!And realize that after one year of no touching that ball and no any practice,i actually suck in it and it gave me the feel that i have to learn it all over again and be a dummy again!!*sob sob**But it was fun to play it with someone new because i can always learn new things and new styles!!Lolz!!Played till 7++p.m and so went back with those public transport as usual lur~And as i expected it took me a good 2 hours before i reach back here in Cheras.The bus that i board will eventually pass by my dance friend's house and also studio and so i went and paid her a visit.And coincidently they were all there and were practicing moves lur~And surely mu'ah will not be let out if the whole gang is there shaking their booty off!!Lolz!!And so i also shaked my booty and now am utterly tired@@!!Lolz!It has been a while since i have hit the ground and that explains the tiredness lur~Dance for mere 30minutes only lur but that is more than enough for me to relieve off my stress that i gained from study and all stresses from the world around me!Em~~
So i reach home around 9p.m,yeah~late la~But had great time so it is worth it lur!!The disadvantages of today's activities are(too many ME already!),i am more and more tired now and as a result of that i did not do revision today,and i should be doing that because my finals are in 1 week time and i am still in the blur condition and only God can help me now!Em~Got nothing much to say or do this days and life seems worth less to me nowadays as i only repeat things everyday and with no progress~~=.=


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