Saturday, August 2, 2008

At Last!!

At last i had decided to quit my job working as one of the promoter at Watson.
To all out there,please...never ever find/be a promoter at Watson because Watson has very strange rules and a lot of regulations to follow even though we are not working for Watson.
Sungai wang's Watson is the largest ever in Kuala Lumpur, thus many workers especially malays will be working there for very long hours and at minimum pay rate!!Only Malays are willing to be working there and they really work new comers like dogs!!
The best regulation that i have ever came across in Watson is that their own promoter aren't allow to talk or even smile to the other promoters in Watson!!What a rule which brings no meaning at all!!How can us,everyone working in the same space and place aren't talking to each other!!It is so ridiculous!!
Today is also a very tiring day for me as i am not feeling well again and i still kena bully by that stupid Watson kakak named Nurul Ain!!Just because she is the assistant of the store manager!Even the store manager said nothing about me!And this hanky panky come and create havoc!!Hish~
Anyway, i am now officially on the search for new jobs available which offers good rate pay !!Anyone got it then feel free to comment me here so that i am able to contact you guys back!!

Dear Lord,thank You for directing me and leading me all the way!And give me also oh Lord the wisdom needed to go through daily life!In Jesus mighty name i ask and pray,Amen.


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