Sunday, August 17, 2008

Toothache!!!And a sweet Victory!

Wisdom tooth is definitely no wisdom at all!!Huh!!Coming out at times like this whereby i will be facing my final examinations soon!!How to study lur??Better still,how to concentrate la during exams when it suddenly pain!!Urrgghh~~
I have not been sleeping AT all for the past few nights due to the sudden pain attack and resulting me falling asleep practically anywhere!!Bus table...TOILET!!!Lolz~~Hish~if i continue to be as lethargic as i am now,i am so over la~My finals will surely end up in the rubbish bin!!Huhu~But i just cannot help it,there is nothing that i can do to stop the freaking pain!They say it really hurts like anything when it merges out but it is indeed a pretty tooth with no function once it is all out.Some people will eventually choose to keep it and resulting in rotting up all the other tooth!!Lolz!Yea~no joke la~this wisdom tooth will eventually rot and not only that,this little fellow wans fellow friends to rot together with it too~Lolz!!
Today was really really suffering for me because it was yet another duper hot day and with this "thing"coming out and all it makes it worse.Resulting massive pain that i have to endure!!To the extend that i felt like taking a spanar and end the pain myself but of course that was just a metaphor la~If i would have done that myself then i wouldn't be in Business sector!!Lolz!!
AS for today,as usual went for morning service but did not even get a single word into my head because i was practically SLEEPING!!Lolz!!Sorry,forgive me Pastor Chin!!
Later on,tooth start to be naughty and give me problems and all and i did not eat for the whole day till i got better right after i woke up from my sleep~Then had dinner lur~IN PAIN!!lOLZ!!
I seriously don't know how long more i can and need to withstand this pain and my mum still can joke and said "Wait till u experience labour pain!!" Whadda!!What has labour got to do with tooth!!!SWT!!
Was so happy when Lee Chong Wei did not get a gold medal for Malaysia in the badminton tournaments because...I EXPECTED IT!!Huahaha~~And i do route for China's No.1 and that is none other than LIN DAN!!Wohhoo~~I duper lurve the way he looks and his style when he does his ultimate smash!!Lolz!!So hot,so ada style,so sweaty!!Lolz!!It was like 21-12(first round) then it got worse and i was expecting 21-0 but it turns out 21-9(surely all top score is to China lur~) Malaysia,try again lur the next time!!"Malaysia Boleh"i want to live in Japan/HK/China!!^^

LinDan with Chong Wei tailing behind!

Lin Dan in action!!Woo~~

Lin Dan's "Yeah" pose!!See the muscles ladies!!Huhu~~

See the sexinest when he smash!*drool*Lolz!!

I waited 4 years for just a glance of this perfect curve!!And he never fails to awe me!!

Check out this bod!!A total worth to drool over!!

Claiming his title as "Best Men's Single".HUhuhuh~~

You are always a WINNER to me!!Lolz!!Great sportsmen that i adore!!


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