Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Simple World Filled With Unworthy Doings!!

For the past few weeks,i had really did some hard thinking of what was i doing or had achieve in my 18 years of life.And only to realize that nothing much that i had achieve that i can proudly boast about.Except to the fact that i had known a great Savior and He had greatly helped me out whether in my darkess or of my brightest days!
I also began to realize that i have wasted my 10 weeks in college just fooling around and joking around without really preparing myself to achieve good grades for my first semester and to the thought that i always say that i want to make a good impression to those lectures by having perfect grades and the reality is that I AM FOOLING AROUND!!Urgghh~I just seems to lost focus every time i wanted to settled down and to study.My mind would utterly drift away and will be lost in my own world dreaming what would have i felt if i have not listen to my mother and had studied the course that i loved so much!!I would definitely felt way better than now lur~Obviously la~

Another is that i really really should cut down on gossiping and also to listen to gossips.It is really a big sin to be involve or to be an accomplice!!Lolz~And to the thought of it,what is there actually to gossip about other people??What do we get if we do gossips much much more then studies??Nothing right?!So might as well cut it right off lur~and there goes another unworthy doings that the world's humankind are always active in!!Lolz~

There is another thing that really really blurred me out,and that is why do certain people have the need to exaggerate things that they want to tell others??Why do they need to add salt to their story??
  • to make it seems more interesting??
  • to make it sounds better??
  • to make people have a different point of view of that certain thing??
I seriously don't get it,why must they do that??!Don't they know that if them doing that will eventually cause misunderstandings and ended up with "I don't wana be your friend!!"
There is also another type of person that really had what we called Laser Mouth.To the thought of it,don't they even give a thought to what they want to say out??Don't they know that whatever they say without thinking about it will eventually make people feel bad and you will end up being hate or being backtalk by others.I myself have friends who are in this category and seriously i really had enough of them and their no insurance-apply mouth!!In a way,they want to tell the whole world that they are of the best and you are a no match for him/her.As for me,when i am faced with such situation,i will immediately had a face-expression makeover and i would really give him/her that i-do-not-want-to-have-anything-to-do-with-you look~~

Living in this world really is an easy thing to do if compared to the lifeafter.Lolz~As for me,i tend to forget things the next day and i am aren't observant to the world around me and in short,yea~,i am a blur person!!Huahaha~~In a way,i don't need to worry so much about the world as it is really really enough stress for me to worry about myself!!LolZ~
At times,i do feel that i really should take a break off and learn how to say NO to friends who asked me for help.I have this strange characteristic is that i can never say NO to friends that asked me for help even in things that i might be aren't able to do.I will feel very bad if i am unacquainted to help out and i will feel that i am useless till i am unable to help out and around.Haiz~

Being a social worker has always been my dream job even when i was in my mother's tummy(i exaggerated.Lol~) .But till today,i am not in any organization that is related to my wishful ambition!!I would be very happy if i could join the MERCY MALAYSIA.Well,that is the best they have in Malaysia la~LoL~Besides that,i had always wanted to draw more people towards knowing God and in hope to add another faithful servant in the heavenlies~Lol~It is not a farfetch thing if and only if i would open up more and have a tebaler face to go and spread gospel not only in the church compund but to the world!!Lol~

Till today.I realized that alot of things that i really really want to do and to fulfill before God take me back and i would really regret not doing it now in my younger days.But,i seriously doesn't know when or how or which time i am going to stop dreaming and start doing it!!Urggh~~

Jesus,i ask of You this day that You would lead me unto the things that i want to do and let me do it out of your will oh Lord.In Jesus nam e i pray,Amen.


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