Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Fav Spot!!

Star bucking again!!Lolz~My all time favorite spot!!Lolz!
Today was yet a great day because we kind of had an outing among us(DEM5)and the main purpose was to actually celebrate August Babies and they are Yap Kee(my class rep),Boon Kin and Tze Kai(my classmates).Although it did not turn out nicely as plan but nevertheless we had a great time hanging out together and in a way i got to know my friends better in person and also about how they usually think about someone or ME!!Lolz~Luckily no bad thoughts about me from them la~Lolz!Because i am a good girl ma!!Lolz!!
Man~aren't those Arabs filthy rich!!They really treat notebooks like books and all of them are using either Vaio or Apple*all branded and duper expensive!!*Lucky them lur~Never know that this always underneath people have and act the same way like all does because all of them seem like so holy holy and goody goody and will not act like Gilas!Wrong perceptions la~Lolz!!But the weird thing is that they don't even show their face's skin and yet they put heavy makeups and even chilli red lipstick!!Lolz!I saw la because they are sitting here and they obviously took off their folds lur!!Lolz!And they are such rare beauty too!!Hm~And one of my friend said just now that the males uses their smelling sense to recognize their partner because we were discussing"I wander how do they know who is who and what happen if they accidently grab the wrong person and thought is their wife??"Then my friend said that they have to recognize how and what their partners smell!!Lolz!!!I don't know whether he is plain joking or not la~But he say that he asked around before!!Lolz!Funny la!!
*to be continue...*


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