Monday, August 11, 2008

Hawt-ness~and just 'bout anything

I meant the weather of course la~
For the past few days,it did rain but the rain did not actually fulfill it's destiny and that is to cool down the earth's temperature and it actually gets hotter by the day and i really am too hawt!!Lolz!
Was sweating like nobody's business today and had to result in washing my face that is full of sweat with cold refreshing tap water which has very strong chlorine smell~Hm~But it was undeniably refreshing and i hope that will not be white spots on my face after that!!Sob~~
Was an ultimate blur-er today for the accounting class and we were at the part where our final exam will look like and i actually understand it when i copy but i don't think that i am able to do it on my own!NO~I am so going to re-sit this time!And it is an embarrassment!
Many of my friends that i shall unnamed are really really sad when their another half are not by their side physically and some are even worlds apart!!And some are also afraid that this kind of far relationship will never ever work out and at last they take the easy way of shorter suffering and called it off.To me,that was not necessary because i always believe that if both souls are meant for each other,no matter where they are,what they are doing,at the end of the long run,they will still be together and live happily together!Lolz~All that is needed is just that very small,important and genuine yet priceless thing that we called FAITH!!
Faith isn't just something that we can pluck off a tree or buy it from some hyper mart to own it.Faith comes around naturally and it only happens when one really are in love with the other.Without faith,there would never be the new beginning of life because how are we able to accept a stranger that we don't believe to come to live with us??That wouldn't be right in mind right??*chuckles*
To other topic~Lolz~
we walk passes the basketball court and volleyball court today to car pool.And my heart really yearns to go there and to play the sports that i have always love!!And to the thought of that,i am unable to participate actively in sports because i am not living near that area and it would be very troublesome for me to stay back just to play sports and so~I don't know what to do!!Haiz~
By the way,whatz with the connection today??!!*hmmppf!!*


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