Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mixture of Feelings of Everything.

Earlier on this day,i realize that each and everyone of us have very very different thinking even though both parties are closely related,as close as in mother and daughter,sister and brother, the bottom line is our own flesh and blood la~*chuckle*
I began to have this thoughts running in my head in searching for answers that i myself does not know where to get,question like:
- Is it necessary to talk bad about people??
-Is it really that bad of that some one that
u need to talk behind their back?Where are all the
"I will tell straight in the face" quotes??

-Why do people have a lot of faces when our
Father in Heaven has only given us a face created of His own image?
The "what" and "whys" is all that is in my mind for this past few days...Hm~Shoo~Go away and don't messed up my mind even more!!
On the other hand,can you tell me that what does it means when someone says
"I love you both unconditionally and there is no differ in who i love more and who i love less"
But at the same time you feel that and it is kind of obvious that the someone does not practice what he/she preach.And then thoughts like this will start to encircle in your mind and brain:
-What is wrong with me that he/she need to
treat me in such a way??
-What have i done that i don't get that equal
amount of love that i should get??
-What should i do one day when i finally have
the chance to get my revenge on my opponent that took my share??
Hm~at the end of the day,when that feel disappear and that someone actually showed some kindness to me and pay a bit more attention to me then i would eventually forget about my so called REVENGE!!I am so not a get even type of person unless it is really some big case that makes me remember you for the rest of my life la,because when a new day starts,i will eventually forget what actually happened yesterday and live life to the fullest again till someone comes along and destroys my day la~~Hm~
There are people who enjoys on other's suffering!!Only God knows why they act such a way and it is weird right??How can you be happy when others are in pain??Isn't that not right in mind??

Today i had great strength in which i do not know where did it came from but i finish up my BITA tutorial papers,my ME tutorial papers and i revise on my BS and also the never touch HE paper!!
Tomorrow is going to be a boring yet exciting day!Lolz~
Boring because got ACC and BITA class and it is exciting because i have a bunch of wacko yet heart warming friends to accompany me!^^
By the way,To Justine,Congratz that you have evntually took another step of faith by taking the water batismp and i hope that you will grow as a strong lady/women and shine for God always with your positive aura that you emit when you talk with just about anyone!!Love ya!!*muackz*


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