Tuesday, September 2, 2008

So Many~~

Thanks a lot to those that wished me Happy birthday yesterday midnight or should i say the first few minutes of my 18 years old birthday!!Lolz!!My msn tab were all fulled with friends that was lucky enough to see me still online and manage to safe up their credit to message me to wish me!Wuahaha~~i still appreciate it peeps~Those are my not so close friends la~But still..they remembered!!Unlike some so called friends la~~

urrgghh~~y senget??

Lolz!!yeah!!got upright picture of both of you!!You see la Sarah still so cute and Vivi is so Minah Metal!!Lolz!!
Anyway,back to my story...yeah...was msn-ing both this girl last night and we really talked about alot of things and much things were clarify la.Then suddenly both of them were not in that cbox and i was like blogging or surving the net or some shit and did not care la where they were~~Lolz!!Then suddenly*12 ard la*,this Sarah is like tertiba said something and all the fun began*msn also fun??!!*
Sarah : Viv,do you think we should tel vic about our secret guy that we talk just now??
Viv : *impatiently*tell la...
*both stop typing for a while*
Me : What are you all waiting for??tell la~~
*no reply so i nudge*
Me : weh??!!we sis or not huh??cepat tell la~~
Sarah: Lol~~
Viv : Lolz!!
Me : what the crap??cepat la~~
Sarah n Viv : Happy Birthday my sweet and sour pineapple pie!!!wee~~huahahahaha~~
Me : *terkejut amat*thankz alot you pies and im not sour ok??!!
All : *lolz~~**lmao*
*all this lol and lmao comotion stayed and continued for awhile before we sedar!!Lolz!*
*then suddenly love strikes Sarah!!Lolz!!**we was like oh mi gosh!!*
Sarah: Eugene eugene eugene eugene eugene eugene eugene eugene eugene eugene euge eugene ne uegene eugene eugene uegene~~*like freaking alot*
Me : enough la weh~~um like having eugene tutorial class through msn!!Lolz!!
Viv : oo~~sarah is love struck..Enough la~~
*then more of his name*
*and i beh ta han and i blahed~~*Lolz!
Then suddenly this Sarah went and ipen another new cbox and asked i blah because sick of seeing Eugene??I replied yes and she type even more!!!=.= I was like~~SABAR~~Lolz!!But that was fun la!!It took her a good 45 minutes before she is able to settle down and go to bed,mentahla ada school!!Lolz!!Then i went and kacau another dear!!Lolz!!

Piggie la!!Whoelse!!Lolz!!
Me : weh u owe me a wish...
Piggie : *was studying**i think*what??
Me : haiz nothing la,u continue la~~
*then phone msg tone**ding dong*and saw this...
on ur bday,special one,
i wish that all ur dreams come true.
May ur day be filledwith joy,wonderful
gifts and goodies 2

On ur day i wish your favorite people
2 embrace,loving smiles n caring
looks that earthly gifts cannot replace.

I wish you fine and simple pleasure.
I wish you many years of laughter.I
wish you all life'sbest treasure.
I wish you happily ever after*with who la??*

Happy Birthday Ducky^^

Take care...^^

The message was great la!!Thankx yea Edbert!!Lolz!!But the ending like a bit..erm..Lolz!!Cant you type Victoria instead of Ducky??!Lolz!!But thankz!!I think i interupted him studying!Oh well~~Lolz!!Hope he did fine la today!!Lolz!!
Then i received more birthday wish!Wee~~my msn tab was like so full and i have to close everyone after i said "Thankz alot..u remember..owhh.." and i was like repeating that to those that are not that duperly close with me.I thought i want to go to bed at 1230 a.m but then a lot more came and i went to bed at 1250a.m!!Lolz!!
Then when i have finally snuggled into my bed,i reveiced yet a few more msg
Anonymous1 : y so fast offline la??i was just about to wish you la,now waste my credit!!
*crap...no one ask you to wish me la*
Anonymous2 : Happy Birthday!!Love ya!!
*duno who also..and i replied..thanks but i don't love you!!Lolz!!*
Anonymous3 : Wee~~some one is one year older already and i am younger and hotter!!
*wtf!!mature already is hotter ok but i replied "Lolz!!yea~whatevf"Lolz!!
Anonymous4 : Shen re kuai ler~~
*i was like what the..and who the...*
Bottom line is i received alot of anonymous birthday wish last night whom i don't know who and no one replied when i did so who is wasting whos credit now huh??!!Ish~~And how the heck they get my number la??Whatevf la~~don't stalk me then can already!!Lolz!!
Then at 155a.m*was asleep*,i received Fion's message that says:
Happy Birthday oh...
Hope u happy always...
from me,Tan and Jason
Thank you yea!!Love you all la~~I love DEM 5 people!!Huhu~~By the way,what are you guys doing la in the middle of the night and with Jason with you all??!!Lolz!!
Bottom line is, i had a very different type of Birthday celebration last night and that was the best la~~usually is just a few who wish me and the nextday*at school*a lot of prezzies!!The year should be no prezzie la~~Haiz~~nevermind la~~


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