Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shopping Spree!!

For the past two days, all i did was shopping!^^
Dressed up as early as 9++a.m, fussing over what to wear, which bag to use, what shoe to wear, deciding how much money to bring for fear that will over spend, timed the exact timing so that i won't waste my time waiting for the public transport, but at last ended up always waiting for almost half an hour for the 65 bus to bring me to town. So no time management la~ I meant the bus.. They would sometimes makes us wait 10 minutes, sometimes 30minutes and if you are "lucky"...ONE HOUR!! Haiz~

Went out at 10.30a.m and waited for 10 minutes for the bus.
While waiting,some chinese business working uncle was really yapping away in his phone talking about business stuffs and from what i heard he should be in those marketing and shipping business.
Later, when he had done talking, he came over and asked me where i am heading and at that moment i really was like "What the heck is it with this old man?? I can be your bloody grandchild la and i am not interested too."*in my mind la*. Then suddenly he held out his name card and he actually offered me a job at his office weh~
At that moment.. 2 thoughts were running in my mind..
1)Do i look that old???*what the heck*
2)Do i look like i am an unemployed-seeking-job-freak??!!*
lagi what the heck*
Thus, i decline the old man politely and said that i am going out for distress and am actually studying at TARC majoring e-commerce and marketing. So he was like wow~ I was like hm~~=p
5 minutes later, the 65 bus finally arrived. Quickly board it to get away from the old guy because he kept smiling at me!!
Took me 30 minutes to reach Times Square.
We just walk around and was bloody laughing at those handsome white people!! Lolz!!
Went to Gasoline for lunch and my poor friend waited for one hour for her food and we was speculate that they over look our menu and forgot her part...=.=
And bloody~ This time we were annoyed by their
semangat-ness at saying BYE BYE at the customer!!! Shit!! Bloody annoying la~~ Like practically singing the word BYE BYE~*not Mariah's style ok~*
Then they went back so early and was left alone to wait for my mum.

Woke up early lo today because mum wants to go to the EPF department to get a cheque and so we alang alang at Damansara, we went to One Utama.
I don't know is it because that i have not been there for too long or that my standard has drop*doubt that happen la*, i don't find anything interesting there anymore..Nothing is worth for me to see so let alone buy~
We practically walk all over One Utama in merely one hour and we sapu finish the whole mall.
Then darn tired lo, partly because nothing to see but still it is a big mall, very dehydrated due to the weather, kind of piss by my brother who seem to act rich to go there!! Waste my time!!
After 2 hours doing nothing there except for stopping by at almost every store to have a drink and then chiow.
Thought of going to Mid Valley*should have been there at the first place* but after seeing the outside world of the mall, decided to go back. And we did make a good choice la because it got more and more hot but i had a good nap!! Lolz!!

Later,woke up with gastrik!! What the~ and just realised that i have not eaten anything since morning.Sweat=.=


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