Friday, September 12, 2008

New Change / Udang di Sebalik Batu~

Had my Hubungan Etnik exams today and it was quite ok~Hm~So after that,went to Connaught with some secondary school friends to have our lunch and ate Wantan Mee soup!!Wee~Long time did not had any Chinese food and really enjoyed the companionship of my friends~
Later on~reach home around 1p.m and had kind of a short conversation with my brother and it kind of goes like this~
Me : Weh~had your lunch ard??
Bro : Erm~haven.
Me : Oh~so~what you gonna have?
Bro : Dunno~
Me : *nothing to say so just lie down*
Brother went to bathe and i just lie there~Because it was really hot today and i'm tired la~
Then he came out,dressed and all and asked whether i want to eat or not~He bloody asked me weh~
Because my brother is the type that don't bloody care about me and we don't really talk to lo~
Me : what you eating la?
Bro : heat back those meats and fry an egg lo~
Me : Oh~~
After 5 minutes~
Bro : i'm frying egg now~you want or not?
Me : *me blur because sleepy*huh??i want egg for what oh??
Bro : to eat la..whatelse??you haven have your lunch right??
Me : *laugh my ass off!!*OH!!I eat ard la before coming back~
When he has done cooking and came out,he asked again weh~
Bro : you really don't want a?
Me : why??you can't finish izt?
Bro : Nola~can finish~*smiles cheekily*
Me : *swt*then you finish it all up la~i don't want~

Thatz all the conversation that we had today.Today is the most conversation that i had with my brother for this whole week weh~I was utterly surprised too due to his sudden change of attitude towards me la~Hm~maybe something happy happened to him at school today lo~Lolz!

Tomorrow is Saturday,buttt~~~*swt*got EXAM leh!!What the~~This is like my very first time got exams during weekends in my whole entire 18 years of life studying!Huish~I only study 6 units yet the finals took 3 weeks++ to finish!!What la~It is not like TARC doesn't have the space to spare~Got a lot of empty classes some more weh~Haiz~And then semester break also break for 2 weeks only!!Hish~That means i only have the 30% chance to go church camp this year lo~What the!It is so freaking unfair weh~
Haiz~Anyywayyy~what ever i do or grumble about wouldn't change anything la so might as well live with it~Yeah~Tomorrow after exams will not go back early!Yeah!!*wink* I will be at Times Square for the 8Tv carnival!Wee~It is back again weh~I hope i can meet Dennis Gan again!!Woo~~Can't freaking wait la~


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