Thursday, September 11, 2008

Trials Weh~

Today is the beginning of SPM trials for SPM students year 2008.
And man~time does fly!During this time of last year,i was having mine and i can relief the moments when we were duperly,obnoxiously,supercalifragilisticly scared*lol* and not to forget that we are so freakingly unprepared la~
I still can see it now,the situation of me and my peeps who once are as scared as those of todays while i'm hacking away this lappie of mine contently to the thought that i'm not the one who is having major exams!!Hohoho~
*jumps around with SPM cert*
I remember the night before the trials,i was like duper burning the midnight oil weh~i think i did not sleep for the first day of trials because i was too freaking panicky.I remember going to bed at 1a.m and then 2 hours later,there i was,at the study table*again*flipping through my notes and all those things that i thought it will come out la.I panic like shit man~this is due to lack of studying and last minute lur,so yea..i'm a bad influence,boh song?then fuck off la!!Hohoho~
*laugh incoherently and thinks in mind "ivf learn my lesson"*
Sooo~~the result of that is that my certificate for my trials turn out to be a shameful wan la~It ought to be in the dustbin la~*well,it was in*Lolz!!I think i got like 1A(A1),alot of freaking B's and C's and yea..i failed 2 unit weh which is my Physics and Additional Mathematics*expected failures la*.Seriously,i have never ever passed my Physics and Additional Mathematics since i begun learning them!I don't know why la but this diva here is a diva of everything but a dumbass in CALCULATIONS!!!Urrrgghh~~i so freakingly curse that fellow who created Maths la~I know la that u genius,but don't bring suffering to others la~
Wait~~WAIT~~I shall google out the guy who invented Mathematics!!Huhu~~WAIT~~*googling big time~~*

There~ok~i think it is this guy la because i remember seeing his freaking arrogant face in my form 4*or was its 5*oh well,book.Haiz~thankx to you la Calculus*i think thatz his name*,i always have a nice freaking outstanding shameful credit on all my papers!Haiz~
But thank God,when i took my SPM and after waiting for a good 3 months...okok..before talk abit of what i did during that time~~
Before getting our spm results,we need to wait for practically 3 months which yes..waste of time!Actually we can use the trials results to go and enter where ever hell OUR parents wants us to stick our freaking butt in la~And so~due to the goodd result that i got for trials,i did not tell my mum about it*later she found out also la**alot of spanking weh~~*so,i wasted my 3 months and then another 2 more going to NS and all and finally started college at last half of this year~
*ok~i regretted it ok~i would have married by now!!*
Lolz!Exxageratted la~But yea~i could have be in my 2nd semester now la and graduate earlier lo!
Anyyywayyy~My SPM result also wasn't a thing to be proud of la~But then i still want to disclose my own shamefulness!!Lolz!!Thus~this is my SPM results~
English - A1
Bahasa Melayu - A1
Mathematics - B3
Additional Mathematics - B4
Sejarah - B3
Pendidikan Moral - B3
EST - B3
Biology - C5
Chemistry - C5
Physics - D

There~haiz~as expected i will usually nailed my language units la*because i'm the best in em!**winks*
Unexpected results will be my EST and sejarah la because i actually aimed A's for those particular units because i have always As both of them and i was infinitely shocked when i the results last year!T.T
I cried my balls out weh when i only got 2 As and 9 credits instead of 10 credits!Yea~it was one of the most shameful moments in my life la~I am kind of arrogant in things like this la~
*eyeing on all of you that hates me,fuck off la*
Lolz~you know what~i am behaving like how i behave last year weh~
I am once again taking everything into last minute consignment and freak my balls out on the day of finals~Lolz~
Soo~yea~~i'm going to go study la~*winks*
*see me here again erm~~let's say within 30 minutes!!*
*Lolz~~Laughing my ass off in this empty house!!*


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