Saturday, September 6, 2008

rain rain~~go away~

Has been raining for the past few days and is really making life hard for a lot of people like ME!!Lolz!
I have to constantly carry around the lipat umbrella with me wherever i go,or not i'l be drenched!And not forgetting puddles every where,well,you all should know la how good the condition of Malaysia's roads.When ever i am not aware,i'l end up one leg in the filthy water*puddle*and the other will kena splash!And that is what i dislike most ler~especially when i am in jeans and am in college and will be in an air condition room~next will end up at the clinic!!Lolz!!
Oh~~not forgetting those poor undry clothes!!And poor me too!No clothes to change la!Lolz!So don't be suprise if you all sees Victoria wearing the same T twice in a week!Lolz!But i'l try my best not to to the extend that i'l blow dry my T's~HM!!Lolz!!Not only that~those no-sun-dried-clothes got smell la~wew~have to use extra cologne,not that i smell but is the CLOTHES!!
Another thing that i have to bear within this month is the OMG jams!!!Wew~i have to go out 3-4 hours early for my classes to make bloody sure that i won't be late!And yet i always reach there just on time..If not,damn~i'l be adding up to my sins man~Lolz!!
Due to Puasa,everyone rush home like the house is going to run away,in their case is the food!If it is so difficult to fast,then DON'T!Don't mess up people's schedule just because you all have to fulfill what your religion tells you too~Man~either go home AT 5 or after 7,or not,you will be stuck in the jam cold,wasting petrol,wanting to pee at all time and growlings of stomach will be louder that your stereo.
Don't rain the WHOLE ENTIRE day la~
Can't stand the coldness with my weak bodd la~
Not enough clothes to wear la,pity me and my dignity la!LoLZ!!
Don't rain tomorrow yea!!


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