Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I am So Into Dogs!!

I am so into dogs this days!!I always have and will ever be but it just got crazy recently...Every where i go,it just seems that God knows of my craziness,a/more dogs will be there,right infront of me!Fyi,this is not the case where those darlings suddenly appear like magic,okkk~~What i'm trying to say is there are way too many stray dogs around my house leh~Fyi,dog+me=HEARTS! Me+Malay area=No dogs..But they are every where!!Woo~~I seriously don't know where all this dogs come from~Anyway,will show you all dogs that i'm so intoo~~CHOW CHOW~~Wait..I shall google it!!Hehehe~


Nice curves weh~~There you go doggie~~

Chow Chow's are known as lazy dogs la~seriously~they dread for walks and hearts sleeping!
Don't worry dear..your still a darling to me~~^^

Cuteness!!Looks so much like those play toy teddy hor??!!Lolz!!

OMG!!!*Victoria cant tahan and thus* "You're coming with me pup..and i shall name you Dreamy!!"Hohohoho~~I always wanted a dog with that name!!Lolz!!
Anyyywayyy~~Dog madness=Victoria duperly hearts,needs to *for now* be a fantasy!But don't worry hunn,momma will come for you!!Ha ha ha~~Serious la~my mum don't let me to have a dog on my own due to 1)Malay area~~*shit la~~must i live here mommy??**innocently*
2)Mommy says that Vicky is not mature enough to care for another creature!*omg!thatz like karma,it is so not true!!I took care of baby brother when he shits and accidently turn over the potty 7 years ago!!**winkz**laugh like mad!!*
Haiz~bottom line is..My mum is great with excuse la*i learn from her*Lolz!!She is my guru!!Lolz!!
Hm~~it is great to have a "companion" la~I meant DOGGGSSS~~*winks*
I want to use Dreamy as a cushion to put my legs on!!And rub it in and lost my feet in it!!Huahaha~~*no Dreamy yet so this is all a dream**huhuhu*
Anyway,got to go now~it is rather late...ooppss,i meant "early"!Lolz!!Nitez!!Toodleess~~


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