Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Audacity Of Hope

The title above was the title of my last church service which was last Sunday.
Audacity really does bring a great meaning to me in which i really need lots of it.Audacity brings the meaning of bravery,boldness.And the title simply meant The Boldness to Hope.
Pastor started by reading from verse 1 Corinthians 13:13
*and now abide faith,hope,love these threes;but the greatest of this is love*
This simply means that even though a person feels that he*is weak or does not have the strength to have hope but if love and faith is present,then he*would be audacious enough to hope.
Proverbs 13:12
*hope deferred makes the heart sick but when the desires comes,it is a tree of life!*
This means that when a hope is unfulfilled,this will make us feel unworthy of anything and sorrow will overwhelmed us but when there is desire then there is hope and with that hope we can always fulfill or deferred hope.Hope is in every one's heart and one does not need to be a Christian to have hope!!Every heart/Every life starts with a hope.This is utterly true,if there is no hope within me then>
>why would i even study??
>why would i troubled myself
so much to college??
>why would i go to church
every Sunday??
We would not even live life once we were born if we have no hope!Even a new infant has hope in his*small little heart and that hope is to grow up,see the world,study and be a successful person.God has place hope in each and every one of us and that is for us to find it out and to put it to use in our daily life.
Romans 4:17,18
*who,contrary to hope......in hope he believed*
People often have the mentality that our back ground where we were born to will be the future for us,it is like predestined.But God said NO!No matter at what or when we were born,da wrong time,wrong place,we could always have the audacity of hope to change and to turn everything or mindset or mentality around and live a better life that obviously God has prepared and craved for us and all we need to do is to always obey him and have the faith.At times,incidents will have a great effect on the audacious-ty of our hope.Nevertheless,God reassured us that as the "natural" hope is destroyed,on that particular day,moment itself,the supernatural hope would be given unto us(verse18).
Then he shared that there are 3 things that makes up audacious hope.
1. It began with a sense of calling and destiny.
Genesis 11:30,31,32 ; 12:1
>- God has called us out of darkness and into the light as He had led Abram to the Land of Promised and out of Egypt.We are destined to serve God for eternity.Some things are done and it serves it's purpose and like a)God gave marriage so that both couples can live a better life together and not to show off.b)God gave children to mothers because He gives life and not just to add population and to full up his quota!.He is Life!!
>- Everyone would be asking,what do you meant when you said callings and destiny??Well,callings and destiny is a)who we are,b)what we are to do,c)what God specifically said and asked us to do.
None of us need to be perfect to have a calling and destiny,we are born with it and the only thing that we must do to acheive our calling and destiny is to RESPOND.

2. Ressurected with divine powers
Romans 4:17,18
>- a real Christian will always rise up and talks and behave and serves God,the church,family,the nations as if God is right beside us and not that He is far far away.
Psalms 119:147
*i rose before the dawning of the morning,and ask for help,I HOPE in Your word*
So we must all Declare,Speak and Believe in God's words..

3. Is nutured in the environment of brokeness.
Genesis 17:1,2

As i was reading through Pastor's sermon,i suddenly feel energetic and alive to know that no matter what happen and how hopeless i feel in life,He would always be there for me and strengthen me and gives me new supernatural hope and there,again i can rise up having great faith in Him to give me an audacious hope to receive and to fulfill my destiny!!Amen!!


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