Monday, September 22, 2008

I Am Not a Fan.

Luckily i am so not a fan of milk! Ok~ It is not that i am not a fan or i think milk is yucky,it is just that my body can't stand dairy products. Used to have soya bean milk when i was an infant so yea~i can't really consume dairy products,which means anything from cow or sheeps.

Nevertheless~for the past 1 week i have gained interest in knowing about milk due to the rising problem of milk scandal in China. Although i am not really sure how they process the milk,produce i surely know la,because that is the cow's role la~ But i am dang sure that they shouldn't be any Melamine which is an industrial chemical used to produce PLASTIC!! Oh my gosh! How evil weh~ Nearly 53,000 children were ill,4 dead,13,000 remained in hospital and 104 of them are still i a very serious condition!! What were they really thinking?!

Due to reports,the purpose of this ill-minded people who used Melamine in the production of infant's milk is to increase the creamy-ness of the milk and obviously to save production cost! My god! How much can you really save with those production cost and i don't think that Melamine is that cheap too if it was used in such a big production. They might have been caught red-handed this time but please see the long-run before doing anything, In the long-run,you all have really drained yourselves down the longkang,shamed the name of the company and no one would ever be really sure to purchase your goods now! There is no way to success if you were to use the easy road,ok~

Those that i pity most are those innocent babies... Not only they are poisoned and 4 died,but what about those that had kidney failure for life now.. Those that have stones in their kidney now... They will need to bear with all this sickness for the rest of their lifes now and isn't that as good as dead?? If i were them and able to speak,i would beg my parents to give me "THE" injection. They are plain innocent ok!!

Ok~since i can't google any pictures of those innocent yet sick babies~ You all should go read up news papers and i bet there are plenty of those pictures! My heart cried out for them when i see those babies suffering faces!


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