Thursday, September 25, 2008

Many many things!

So many many exited,thrilling yet shock things happened to me today!! I am now so overwhelmed that i don't know where to start!! Yish~~ Exited-ness~^^

First of all,today was a planned day to go out shopping and for some "hardcore" singing *actually is karaoke only la hor~* and all agreed to like reach there *supposingly* at 10.30 la hor~ But then again~ Me who is the culprit that i say i want to be there early, slept till 9.30a.m only wake up!! Lolz!! I was shock to the roof top when i saw the time!! Rushed like a mad woman downstairs and took my shower,dressed up and all of that in mere 20 minutes.Still have time to do manicure some more lo! So chio right!! Lolz! And that only took me like 10 minutes!! Then rushed out to the bus stop and that time was 10.10a.m and i thought that the 10.00a.m bus passed already so was kind of disappointed la~ Then realised that there are quite a few of people at the bustop so decided to ask a girl and was told that there was no bus for the past 30 minutes!! I was so shiok weh!! *so bad right!!* And i kind of thank God that i live behind a bustop la~^^ In a way i don't need to rush out and walk far just to reach a bustop and then need to wait like stupid again!

Sat at the bustop after realising that it was too dusty to stand in front of my house due to the renovation beside. After 5 minutes,someone knocked on my head *i was messaging so did not realise* and i lifted up my head intended to scold that person and saw a lady in white in front of me and that is Suzanne!! My BFF when i was working lo! My God!! I am so thrilled to see her lo and wants to chat with her like how we did when we was working at the same place... Butt~~ Sadly~ It turns out that we were silent all the way to Times Square!! Haiz~ Is it me or is it just her or is it that both if us is tired or is it that time has changed our mind and thinking and that we are apat for quite long that we don't know what to say or ask???
*got so many is it weh~~*
After 30 minute of silence in the bus,finally reached my destination and was kind of relieve to be away from her again because her silence is really killing me this talkative birdy...or ducky xp
Met up with my planned friends and went and booked ourselves a place at Neway. Time to enter is 1p.m and we make the reservation at 11a.m so still got 2 hours before that and~~ SHOPPING la~~ Whatelse!! Lolz!!
*for the next 2 hours*
We like so totally round the whole Times Square shopping complex lor~ In 2 hours weh~ That is like maladilicioussly quick!!!
Me ended up buying a new blouse,a tube top,a belt... Spotted a chio sweater*5th floor* but did not buy it because i did not bring enough of money *supposingly* la~ But then~ I will definitely go back there to purchase it because college is so darn cold!!
Later on,round the place like so many times weh~
Saw some potential nail art school that i am kind of interested in to be enroll in to after my Advance Diploma.
Went and bought some marshmellows and realised that Kit Mun has the same interest with me and that is MARSHMELLOWS!! Lolz!!

*2 hours later~*
Was waiting outside the karaoke for the time to be exactly 1.
While at that~saw a group of orang,i suppose is humans la~ 2 original guys and one not originaly guy!!
My god!! Obviously that is a tomboy la or worst case,a lesbian~
The "obsenity" of them is the way they walk~ I know la that you all are bloody good at dancing,popping,pumping and all those hip hop shits la~ But then~ you don't have to disgrace yourselves by popping right in front of the Neway and in front of us and not forgetting the elderly ones~ They will definitely not be impress because they don't know what the heck is that and they might just think that you are out of your mind and definitely me will think that you are a show off and a disgust!!
Oh!~ I forgot!! One of the real dude make a really blur bodohjatuh maruah face *he is already a disgust*!!! My god!! Kids this days~~ They just seem to love jatuh-ing their maruah. I don't know why but my dignity is real good and still high up here in my pretty lil' God gifted face!! Muahahahahah!! Muahahax!!

Sang like real a lot of songs~ Camwhored a lot too~~

My poyo idea and we look like distracted and flash queen!! Lol

Wah!! This is so much better!! We look so sweet and demure la Jan~^^

I like this!! Lolz!! So served my given name!! DUCKY!! Lolz!!

Our karaoke queen!! So shiok hor~~
*cheated me to the most expensive karaoke place that i usually don't bother to know*

This is so tak jadi but still i want to post something ugly about myself!! Lolz!!
Ok~Uploaded pictures~Not all but yea~ Got ugly and sweet ones la so enough la~~ Lol
Took the straight-away-back-to-house bus.
Never knew that it would wait for 30 minutes or more at one of it's station and it was peak hours la so it took me 1 and the half hour to reach home!!
Meanwhile~ Met my college friend while i am messaging again and yea~~ He KNOCKED on my head too while i did not realise it! I never knew that would meet him there la~ So~ we caught up abit la since now having break so 2 weeks apart la~

Hm~ truly a lot of things happened to me today~ Hm~ So tired of blogging la~ Bye~


J.a.n.i.c.E said...

will send those photos to you later k?
hehe..lazy to transfer ler.. =P

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