Sunday, September 7, 2008


Went to church today and yes~finally got a chance to participate in the Holy Communion in which i have missed for so many months due to onduty,work,and yes the NS.Lolz!!The communion at Slim River Anglican church is so darn different that i did not have it because everyone dipped their bread in that same wine~YES,wine~us is RIBENA so it is safe and no drunk master showing Kung Fu and all after that!!Ha ha ha~
Today is also the 2nd week my church had their food bazaar and YES,we contributed too,we did not for the first one because we was rushing and,yea..Lolz!But the food was FABULOUS,really..not that i praised it because it is my church but yea,it is very delicious!And it was kind of worth it too la~Must go try it out!!Ok~i was like having 4 plastic bag full of food on one hand and 2 more on the other and that makes me like my mum did not feed me for 10 years!!Lol~So you can imagine how delicious it is and the worth till i bought so many weh~It could actually last me for 4-5 days if those foods are consume by me alone!!Ha ha ha~~
So was actually in great mood lo~food what,my favorite!Lolz~then as i reach home~all my mood also gone due to both of my neighbours la~one side construction and so noisy giler la~the other side,asked someone to clean the roof that now looks like it is bulit out of mango tree's leaves,and those good workers just bloody swipe the leaves out and all of it fell into our porch!!And man~i was assigned to clean it all up!!ALL i tell u!!And~omg~~i tell you,the smell is so~~so~~haiz~~i totally lost my appetite for my food that i bought from that galore!Haiz~Thanks alot NEIGHBOURS~~
Hm~going to have my 2nd paper tomorrow and am still here blogging and not worrying is..English paper!!!Huahaha~~my Best paper~but mommy tells me not to be arrogant and so over confident.True also lur~because even God that is so Almighty has never show off before and are always so humble~so we as child of God must reflect Him.Yea..thatz what i am going to do~
Anyway~~GOood Luck to me and all my FRIENDS!!


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