Sunday, September 21, 2008

20th SEPTEMBER 2008

Lolz!! After the finals of my finals exam,it seems like everything that revolves around me either stopped moving or i just bloody don't care their existence! I even forgot the date of yesterday*im blogging at 21th 12.10a.m* and i need to check my laptop's calendar for that!! Major dang~!!^^

Seems like my laptop has become my best buddy. Every single day,just when i woke up,i will escort it down to the hall*where the line is* and will lay it there for around 30 minutes meanwhile i go brush my teeth and bathe know what i mean~=p After fuel up my stomach,you will see me either on the floor or on the couch holding tightly to me laptop and watching all my dramas that i had wanted to watch but freaking missed it! Darn it~and that makes me like such and outdated deary~!!Lolz~

But still,i do help around the house. I went to the morning market with my mum today too ok~without fail weh i accompany her to the morning market*i actually like market~Haha~so aunty hor?*. Came back like 45++minutes and helped her unpacked and all while "hearing" my laptop calling out for me!!=p
By the time i helped her out,was tired and so went to sleep and abandoned my PicoLove~
Woke up like in the afternoon~*man~*and my PicoLove was no where to be seen and i was so fucking freak out la!! It turns out to be that my mum replaced it else where*im not an orderly person*and i could not find it and had to call her*she was not in*.Wew~I looked like a mum that has just lost her child,man~

I spend an entire day on my PicoLove today and i watch,gaming,chating,messaged,re do my "to-do-list",reorganized my calendar and lots more..Hm~Can say that PicoLove is like my PDA lo except that it is big,weighs 2++kilogram,can't fit in my pocket and needs plug everywhere*usually no battery*. But i still love you PicoLove and you are coming with me where ever i go!!Lolz!!

Ok~I so wasted my time today blasting and tiring my PicoLove instead of fulfilling my list~Hehe~
Will start tomorrow,ooppss,i meant today~Blek~
Church at 8 but wake up at 6,so i better turn in!^^ Nitez~


Kelvin Kuan said...

hahaa...u least brush your teeth 1st la...later mouth stinks and then lappi die of bad breath ok...muahaha

ViCkY@Victoria said...

like i said i did all that la but i malas wna describe!!Lolz!!
wee~~i got a name for lappie called PicoLove and urs is still Mariah ryt??Lol

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