Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Heard Something

Wee~~ I heard something great at church today!! Lolz! And it instantly rewind me to the fact that Malaysians will always be Malaysians no matter they are black, white, yellow, or red~
Malaysians are very well known for their crazy-ness and their ability to copy what others does and make it a great new one too~ Lolz!!
As for today, I heard the Metro Tabernacle version of Mariah Carey's "Bye Bye".
And they named it Marilah Carry "Buy Buy".Lolz!!
So creative lo~
It is actually created because our church is having 4 weeks of bazaar to raise fund for our newly built church and they created that song just for fun and to promote the bazaar!
So chio and creative right!!!!^^
Me, as a member of the church will also forever remember this song and thus remember the last week of the bazaar which is next week. Creative enough right!!
I had a great laugh today la and was shock that they did not audition Mariah Kuan *a.k.a Kelvin Kuan* for that part!! Lolz!!
You should have took the part dude!!^^

I love my church!!!
Brilliant people with great,creative ideas~ All compiled in the great House of God!!


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