Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Time of Everything.

Ok..i experience a lot of first time thing today and yesterday!!Lolz!!
=>First time wake up in the morning and sleep back till 9*sleep more 3 hours*
=>First time whiffing the morning air*not that fresh though*
=>First time morning also mosquitoes have buffet*i WAS THE buffet!*
=>First time saw my friendster comments long till it was 2 page when i had replied the other night.*new ones la*
=>First time i watch Teletubies since i was out of primary!*had fun!!*Lolz!!
=>First time my brother cook for me!*actually he can't finish*Lolz!!
=>First time online for 10 straight hours without stop!!*wah lau eh!!*
=>First time for the past 5 years,i went to sleep exactly at 10 p.m*and was so refresh!*
=>First time exam in my new life,college life.
=>First time i go so early for an exam!!Early 5++hours leh!!*lolz!*
=>First time study with La la King and Ken in the library.*la la,you're very noisy la!!~*
=>First time saw Ken get angry lo~*scary weh~like he is gonna step on you!!*Lolz!!
=>First time after an exam i feel so so..scare..*did not talk much also*
=>First time i have jitters in me when facing exam.*what the...*
=>First time sat in the hall with more than 200 people and took the exam.*scary weh*
=>First time that i am able to sit in air-con rooms for so long!*usually i would pee~~*Lolz!!
=>First time that i noticed and realized that a lot of my church members works at TARC!*oopss,better be good girl!!*Lolz!!
=>First time kena SIMBAH AIR from someone that i am not close with lo!!*what the fuck!*
=>First time i was so so soSO~~angry that i feel like killing some one!!Urrgghh~~!!
What is the wrong with you la!!??Do i even know you??!Was i even talking and let alone playing with you??!!I might look 38 from the outside but i only do that when i am with my close 'tfriends ok!!And please la Ryan Kan!!Mind your own business!!And don't think so highly of yourself la~No one is perfect and that applies to you,RYAN KAN!!!And i hope you do read this and who ever knows him~Please ask him to read this!!I am pissed!And apology is needed and required!!You really spoiled my day la~~What the crap~~


Vivian Ng said...

wow so early u reach to college.
I should be there early too.
I was late for exam.
Reach there ngam ngam 2.30pm and the exams start at 2pm.
thanx to the jam
stuck in the jam for an hour.

Victoria said...

wah!!and they let u in??did they lk scold u??i go there early aso cz scare of jam la~~i go lk usual time leh~~that day the BITA was~~haiz~~no comment!!Lolz!!

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