Monday, September 8, 2008

It Did Not Rain!Yea!

Although it did no0t rain for the past 2 days which is a yea to me but still it was so darn cold!I seriously do not know why it was so cold eventhough the sun is up and shining and being sitted in the mercilessly cold library and then the exam hall did not help at all la...
Had my English finals today which also means that today is the last day i can relax and start to buck up for my upcoming papers,Business Statistic and Accounting la!!Huish!!2 shocking papers which only had little space between to study!WOW!Really need to wakey myself up and study!!I am really taking this way to easy la~Hm~
After exam ended,went to Times Square and no~not there to shop la~*chuckles*although i was so ever tempted to do that but luckily there wasn't much money left with me so yea~no chance to shop also!T.T So went and stroll in Borders la,where else~All shops in that Times Square is not really my type and not my style of clothings so yea~ stranded at Borders for well around 1 hour la~They restructured the whole store and i thought that it was more...more...well coordinate and they make us easier to get books that we want instead of having a section of mags here and you can find another section which places mags too!!Lolz!!
Was browsing at the Newest Fiction Book section and saw the book that i wanted to ever lay my hands on*eventhough it was just published like 2 weeks ago!*but no money!!WEKK~~T.T and so..i have to postphone my desires and wait till i am done with my exams la~~T.T To end my sadness for the day,decided to explore another part of Borders that i have not look through before*it is so big!*So went behind and realize that that part of the store was quite abandon and i could only see one jaga there,standing there picking his nose because he expect that no one would be there!!Well,too bad Uncle..i was there and saw it all!!Lolz!!!Farny-ness!!
Wee~~there are actually so many interesting books at the back section la~there were books written about those famous and unsolved killer,cannibals and lots more crazy and weird way of killing people!Wee~i was like there browsing through a book called How to Perform A Perfect Murder!Lolz!!I took it off the shelves because the title was very to the point and that capture my heart and wanted to browse it's contents.But to my great disappointment,the contents does not potray the title.It was actually a book filled with those killing items used by those past killers and they explain it's uses!!Lolz!!I was like "What is there to explain?"*monolog*"Knife is knife la~~you stab and stab and stab to your heart's desire la~~"Like that also need to publish book ar??Lolz!!Then i went and look for more title that catches my attention and i saw "Sweeney Todd,The Barber Of Fleet Street"!!That is my all time favorite weh!!The book is much much more interesting than the play,the movie,but i like that movie too~~they make it like an opera or something~full of singing and must admit that those songs are well written!I so want to lay my hands on that book but it cost RM69.90,yea~~so that have to delete from my mind la~~Then suddenly it struck my mind,why the hell i am reading this kind of books??!!
So,went and find some Homour Writting books but it does not homour me at all!!Lolz!!Later,mum finally off work and thus waited for her and slept in the car for more than 45 minutes!WEW~~Tired giler!!
Wew~kecian my mum drove silently alone while i slept soundly and abandon her tired and stuck in the jam~i felt so bad when i woke up to realized that i had slept through out the whole journey home.She did not wake me up as usual maybe she knows that i am tired lur~T.T touch~~Thanks mum for letting me sleep like a pig!!Lolz!!
Tomorrow no finals!Yea!!But need to study..Boo..Lolz!!


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