Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Life Today.

Woke up at 7a.m to helped opened door for those who goes to work and for those who does to school.
Went and sit at the couch and 5 minutes later,slipped on to the couch and slept! *dasar pig* =p
Woke up *again* at 8.30a.m and blurred for awhile and went and brushed me teeth.
Then straight away online till don't know what time.
*while online~~*
Checked my mail
Blogged *woo~i blog a lot this days because i am so dang free*
Read blogs
Watched tons of movies,before that cari-ed a lot of movies but not interested.=p
Then redo everything because too bored.
Later chat with Janice about SOMETHING!! xp

At around 12.30p.m~
Still in front of Picolove but grew tired of it because no one online...=.=
Later on,envied those that have college,those that are blonde,those that are thin,those that gains fame easily,VJs,famous designers...Woo~ A lot la because i was serving those websites and ended up day dreaming that one day i want to be all and then a song came to mind! Yeah~ Pussycat Dolls's "WHEN I GROW UP".Wew~ i so want to get my hands on "DOLL DOMINATIONS"! xp



Unknown said...

what thing ???
haha.. =)

Victoria said...

huh??what what thing??

Unknown said...

Later chat with Janice about SOMETHING!! xp

haha.. what dy??
short term memory la

Victoria said...

chat bout the animal a~~

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