Wednesday, September 24, 2008

All Alone

It is now 10:11 a.m in Malaysia,Wednesday,September 24th.
All alone in the house because having semester break now. Got no where to go so stayed at house to rot!! Lolz! Or like they said~"Make cobwebs!" Lolz!
Too bored of Facebook-ing alone,Friendster-ing alone,surfing the web alone,looking at the Msn box with no one to chat with... My god!! I am so freaking BORED!!!!
And thatz why i am here~Blogging!
Nothing to blog actually but wants to share some funny pictures that i received in mail 5 minutes ago~
*my God!!took so long to upload lo*

How "harsh" can that "hash" brown be!!=p

says screwdriver: "oo~~i am so "insulted" instead of "insulated"."Lol

Lolz!! Darn it!!

Lolz!! Although this sounds dirty due to the word lounge! They actually meant rest room!! Lolz!! Lounge!!

I don't really know what this means actually but it is kind of funny with that "horniness essence"Lolz!! What'z that suppose to mean la,China people!!!


LMAO!!! It actually says "Don't feed the fishes with your private!!" What the!! Lolx!!xp

Lolz!! This first time i see this i am reminded of those blind dates that we usually see on tv!! Lol

This is the last one that is the most funny one la!! And i totally agree weh~since this is a sign we will see in the library or classroom~~Lolz!! You all students got what i meant right??!! We actually "die" in either classroom or library!! Lolz!!

All this signs can only be found in China! Lolz! But~~ I won't be suprised to see that here in Malaysia too~ On the count that some Malaysians..I said some..xp had "excelent" command of English!!
*i am laughing my ass off!! can i feed it to those fishes who eats privates!! Lolz*


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