Thursday, September 18, 2008



For the past 3 weeks,all i have been hearing day and night is the sound of people drilling and thumping on the walls!! All thank to my neighbor of course! She always renovate her house and you will need to expect that twice every year!! TWICE leh~So much moolah then go shift to another place la~I am sick and tired of the sounds la!!

Imagine....drilling fucking early in the morning and this will usually continue till around evening! Isn't that like sound pollution and i have the rights to sue them!! Ish~I won't la because no moo to sue people also!! Lolz!! Other than that,concrete dust are every where!! Man~Those freaking dust covers my laundry that i put out so that it will dry and no foul smell.Since it has been quite of a rainy season this month and not much of sunlight can reach my house*of course la~beside got mango tree and then now got a high building*,those poor laundry are not dry throughly and got foul smell and now plus sawdust!! Shit!! Dah la me allergy to all dusty stuffs!! My eye got more swollen by the day lo~Hish~

Why do those race of people ever care what their relative will think about them because usually before raya,we can see a lot of them will do renovations la,buy new cars that they can't really afford,open house here open house there...Don't they know that they are actually block people's road because obviously they don't fucking own that road and neither it is owned by their ancestors,ok!! Buying freaking and they cannot afford for installment car will help increase the economy but it will definitely empty your already freaking emptied pockets and definitely leaves cobwebs in your account! Please la~Don't they ever think before doing anything!! Is it really that necessary to show people that you are RICH to the fact that you aren't...Aren't you all tired of pretending to be what you aren't?? Well,i know i will be freaking tired to please people~that sometimes don't even appreciate!! Imagine that!!

Today even worse la~the drillings start as early as 8 in the morning!! Huish~so early lo and yea~~they woke me up la obviously and that's why i am so freaking fuck up now and blogging about it!!! I can't even study nicely la and constantly felt that like the house is going to collapse!! Huish~
Seriously,her house design is shitty!!! And she gave people the feeling that obviously she wanted to show off and tell the whole world that she is so blessedly RICH!! You know why!!?? Because she just did and extended an extra room at the back of her house and that lasted for half a year only and now she demolished that room and she is now renovating and sort of like pindah-ing that back room to the front and placed it on the second floor!! OMG LO~~That's why her house is so fucking odd now and my house is like so unnoticeable already now..haiz~mango tree and renovation took over!!! HAIZ~~

But still i can freaking reassured that my house is 200%++ cleaner and nicer and comfy-er and well built and homely-er than those two unconsiderate neigbor's house!! Hohoho~~Ok~~going to go out to get something for my friends birthday and please la God,help me stop those irritating sounds when i am back because i have not study ler~~
*wishes freaking hard to come back and faces peace and serenity*


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